Super Silent Revolution Vector & CarboAir Filter Extraction

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  • Features the commercial-grade Super Silent Vector EC
  • Perfectly matched to a CarboAir 75mm-bed carbon filter
  • Features a cutting edge frictionless EC motor
  • Can be regulated from 1-100% - fine tune your environment
  • Saves you money - uses 50% of the energy of other fans
  • 60mm high quality coarse CarboAir carbon bed depth gives more contact time, offering unbeatable airflow and eradication of unwanted odours
  • Sealed fan unit, ensuring no smelly air leaks from your fan
  • Includes acoustic ducting, removing unwanted air movement noise from your extraction.
  • All fittings and fixtures included

The Super Silent Revolution Vector EC - The Pinacle of Commercial Level Fan Technology

Super Silent Vector EC fans are designed to deliver unbelieveable performance in the most demanding situations. They're extremely quiet relative to the ridiculous volume of air that they shift and they feature EC technology which makes them much more efficient, so you'll quickly save the initial outlay in power savings alone. Add a controller and their frictionless EC motor can be regulated in 1% increments (1-100%) giving you precise control over your environment (say goodbye to restrictive 5-step controllers!). Unlike other fans out there, air exits the Super Silenced Revolution Vector in a straight line, making it travel much more efficiently down your ducting, creating less noise along the way. It also forms a single, sealed unit so you can rest assured no smells will escape from your fan housing.

CarboAir filters offer thicker beds (75mm in this case, opposed to the industry average 50mm) of coarser, high quality carbon. This not only allows incredible air flow, but it also removes any possible traces of smells. Alongside this ultimate duo, you will receive Phonic Trap ducting, which is super-sleek and insulated to remove noise caused by excess air movement. 

The kits are available in multiple sizes, please click the drop down to view available set ups. Use our handy guide below to figure out which is best for you.


How the Super Silenced Revolution Vector Kit Works

Your extractor fan removes hot, stale air and excess moisture from your grow room, which in turn draws fresh air in, controlling the environment and replacing CO2. If you're growing plants that have strong, unwanted odours, you're going to need to filter this air first before ducting it to an outside point. Your carbon filter attaches to your extractor fan - air gets sucked through an outer layer of mesh and through an internal layer of carbon before passing through your extraction system. It then leaves clean and free of any odours, keeping unwanted smells locked firmly inside the grow space.




1 x Super Silent Revolution Vector (EC) 315 (12") - 3784m3/hr or 355 (14") - 5929m3/r
1 x 75mm bed CarboAir 315mm/1000mm or 355mm/1000mm
1 x 10m of Phonic Trap ducting 
1 x Fast Clamp
2 x Duct Clips (included in Phonic Trap Box)
1 x Terminator Cable (which allows you to run the fan without a controller)

Which Size Kit Do I Need for My Grow Tent?

There exists a (relatively) easy formula to work out which size extraction you need for your space, find out the volume in m3 (metres cubed) of your grow space with Width x Length x Height = Volume, then Volume x 60 = Air Movement Per Hour (this will refresh the air in your grow room every minute).

Super Silent Revolution Vector (EC) 315 (12") - 3784m3/hr with 75mm bed CarboAir 315mm/1000mm

Super Silent Revolution Vector (EC) 355 (14") - 5929m3/hr with 75mm bed CarboAir 355mm/1000mm

Note that the total air movement will be reduced by the 'drag factor' of the filter. This is true for all extraction systems, though Revolution fans perform particularly well under load. See the image below for more info.

Super Silent

How to Use the Super Silenced Revolution Vector Kit

Check out the following blog post for a visual guide to installing extraction systems. Note that this kit includes a fast clamp, so the method of joining up the fan and filter is slightly different in this case.

Make sure that you hang the system at the top of your grow area (to remove hot air) and make sure that ducting leads to an outside point. Keep ducting runs as short as possible, as every extra metre of ducting reduces the maximum flow-rate. Try not to include sharp bends in the layout of your ducting or you will reduce the effectiveness of your system.


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