Sunmaster / Osram Powerstar 1000w Cool Deluxe MH Lamp

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  • Sunmaster - producers of very high PAR output lamps
  • Cool Deluxe Metal Halide lamps produce light that's great for vegetative growth
  • Produces 80000 lumens
  • Colour temperature of 5000 to 6500 degrees Kelvin - very close to natural daylight
  • Helps keep internodes short
  • Encourages more branching, maximum leaf growth and better overall plant structure
  • UV output stimulates more terpenes and essential oils during flowering for better crop quality
  • Great for supplementary lighting with HPS lamps during flowering/fruiting
  • Conversion Lamp - Can be used with any HPS lamp 

An Awesomely Powerful Lamp for Max Vegging and Supplementing HPS in Flower

The Sunmaster 1000w cool deluxe metal halide lamp produce a very powerful white light, much like natural sun light that optimises vegetative growth and has benefits in flower too. It stimulates plants to produce large leaves, short internodes and strong branching. This helps to keep plants shorter and more robust with a better structure to get them ready for prolific flowering.

The Sunmaster cool deluxe MH lamp also works great as a supplementary lamp during flowering/fruiting stage with HPS lighting, as the blue light and UV produced by this lamp improves crop quality, essential oil production and all-round plant health.

How the Sunmaster Cool Deluxe 1000w MH lamp Works

Metal Halide lamps are high intensity discharge lamps, just like HPS lighting. However, they produce a less red and more blue spectrum, which makes the light look whiter. With a much greater amount of blue light the Sunmster / Osram Powerstar 1000 watt Cool Deluxe Metal Halide Lamp is perfect for the vegetative stage, as it stimulates faster growth, shorter internodes, larger leaves and more branching. This means that your plants will have a better structure, poised for an abundant flowering/fruiting stage.

As well as producing more blue, the Cool Deluxe MH lamp also produces some UV. When used in conjunction with HPS lighting for flowering, the UV stimulates greater terpene and essential oil production which greatly improves crop quality. Also, the additional blue light is great for helping to keep plants healthy.

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1 x Sunmster / Osram Powerstar 1000 watt Cool Deluxe Metal Halide Lamp

How to use the Sunmaster Cool Deluxe MH Lamp

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