Spray2Grow - Spider Mite Protection Spray Concentrate

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  • Offers a highly effective, non-chemical and non-biological method of spider mite control
  • Contains only natural plant derived compounds such as garlic extract
  • Especially repels spider mites
  • Helps plants to recover from spider mite damage
  • Concentrated - one 500ml bottle makes 10 litres of foliar spray
  • Helps make plants greener, healthier, and pest free

Spray2Grow - Spider Mite Protection Spray Concentrate

Spider Mite Protection Spray Concentrate is an all-natural treatment to combat spider mites.  A blend of various plant extracts like garlic extract (that spider mites detest) keeps them away while simultaneously helping your plants to recover from the damage that they cause. When diluted and used as a foliar spray, your plants will be greener, healthier and spider mite free.

How Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray Concentrate Works

If you consume the fruits of your labour, you probably don't want to use toxic pesticides on your plants. Spray & Grow contains no toxic pesticides. Fortunately, spider mites can't stand certain plant products such as garlic extract. Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection contains a proprietary blend of these natural extracts. Spider mites hate it and has them scurrying away! Use Spray & Grow to prevent and rid infestations without the use of nasty chemicals. On top of that, Spray and Grow Spider Mite Protection contains a mild nutrient that helps plants to recover more quickly, keeping them healthy, green and pest free.

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1 x 500ml bottle of Spray2Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray Concentrate

About Spider Mites

Spider mites can be a complete nightmare if they get into your grow room. They are attracted to plants in warm environments. These miniscule pests bite into plant tissues, suck out the goodness of the sap, and then evaporate the excess moisture out through their bodies. They can spread from plant to plant by swinging on their silk threads leaving your garden covered in fine threads, and then tend to inhabit the undersides of leaves. Left to their own devices, spider mites can breed like crazy - females can lay up to 20 eggs per day each. The eggs can hatch in as little as 3 days and can reproduce in as little as 5 days. One or two spider mites can turn into an infestation of thousands in next to no time. Their feeding pattern can leave plants covered in puncture marks making the plant mottled, sick and unproductive. Don't let spider mites ruin your crop - use Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray!

How to Use Spray2Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray

Prevention is always better than cure. To prevent spider mite infestations, use Spray & Grow Foliar Spray periodically on your plants.

If you already have an infestation, use Spray & Grow every 3-5 days for about 2 weeks (3-4 applications). This rids your plants of spider mites as they emerge from their eggs, combating re-infestation.

To make the foliar spray, add 50ml of Spray & Grow to each litre of water and mix well. Use a fine spray and wet the tops and especially the undersides of all the leaves and plant parts. Only apply foliar sprays under low level light. Spraying under intense light conditions, such as an HPS, may cause burning. Always allow the foliar spray to dry before turning your main grow light back on.

Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray NPK: 0.5 - 0.5 - 1

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