SolisTek C1+ 315w CMH Complete Lighting System

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  • Produces vast amounts of consistent full-spectrum photosynthetically active light that your plants will adore
  • Features a low heat signature, Ignition Control, Sense Smart and Soft Start technology, to protect your fixture from in rush currents, power spikes and drops
  • Spreads light to the furthest corners of your growing area, thanks to the SolisTek C1+ Reflector with mirror finish
  • Daisy-chain ability allows you to run multiple fixtures in series (up to 8 units total)
  • Can be controlled via the SolisTek Lighting Controller if running more than 8 daisy chained lights (up to 300 lights total)
  • Low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and low frequency ballast, improves overall efficiency and lamp life span
  • All SolisTek 315w CMH Lamps are perfectly tuned for use
  • Includes SolisTek 315w CMH 4200K full spectrum lamp, with a 1-year warranty, to cover all aspects of plant growth and bloom
  • Comes with 3-year manufactures warranty
  • Built to very high specifications and is easy to operate and install

With High PAR Output and an Incredible Lighting Footprint, the SolisTek C1+ 315w CMH is a True Grow Light Game Changer

The high performance SolisTek C1+ exceeds any other high performing CMH grow light currently on the market, in terms of impressive lighting coverage, low heat output and consistently high levels of full-spectrum photosynthetically active light that your plants will simply adore. For added versatility, the C1+  can be "daisy chained", connecting one system to another in series. The daisy chaining cables also supply power (unlike Gavita and Dimlux systems), so up to 8 of these units can be run from a single plug socket. And don't worry if you want to run even more lights, because you can regulate up to 300 of these units using the sleek and elegant SolisTek Lighting Controller! Brimming with high-tech features and coming with a solid build quality, the SolisTek C1+ is a super easy to install and operate growing system that shows the true power of CMH lighting.

How the SolisTek C1+ Works

The SolisTek C1+  is a complete CMH fixture, utilising the very latest in ceramic metal halide technology to push CMH lamps to higher levels of spectrum emission. SolisTek designed this lighting system with professional and hobby growers who only want the best quality end-product without a loss in overall yield per watt used. The SolisTek C1+ ballast runs at low frequency with low THD (total harmonic distortion), leading to increased efficiency of the ballast and lamp. The SolisTek C1+ also features "Ignition Control" and "Sense Smart" technology to power your SolisTek lamp properly. Ignition Control and Soft Start slowly increase the amount of power to the lamp, instead of allowing too much raw power to go straight to the lamp, this both protects the lamp and ballast from shock, extending both of their lifespans significantly. Sense Smart regulates the power flow over the time the lamp and ballast are in operation, coping with any loss or increase in power and compensating for either fluctuation.

The SolisTek C1+ Reflector's mirrored finish spreads light evenly to every corner of your growing space, helping to keep your canopy level consistent. With its inbuilt ventilation slits, the reflector allows the heat to rise naturally away from your canopy whilst spreading high levels of PAR (photo synthetically active radiation) down to your canopy with little light loss. The C1+  comes with a SolisTek C1+ 315w 4200K CMH Lamp to provide complete, full-spectrum coverage for all aspects of growth and bloom in one lamp. Another great feature of the C1+  is that 2 to 8 units can be "daisy chained" together, with only one power lead required, saving you valuable plug sockets. For higher numbers of lighting fixtures, connect the SolisTek C1+  to the SolisTek Lighting Controller which can run up to 300 lights (providing they are all SolisTek C1+ 315w CMH Systems) from one central point.

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1 x SolisTek C1+ 315w CMH Complete Lighting System
1 x SolisTek 315w CMH 4200K Lamp
1x Auxiliary lead (for use with the SolisTek Lighting Controller)
1x Power cord

69cm x 43cm x 14cm


Daisy Chain Feature:
240V operation maximum units: 8

Power cord length: 2 metres
Auxiliary cord length: 7.3 metres
Voltage: 230 volt
Wattage: 315W
Actual Input Power: 350W

How to Use SolisTek C1+

Simply hang the reflector with the ballast attached and lamp inserted over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height using easy rolls, rope ratchets or jack chain. Fit the lamp.

Connect the input lead from your SolisTek C1+ to the output lead of the ballast ensuring the cable is not pulled tight and does not encounter anything hot (e.g. lamp, reflector, ballast). The SolisTek C1+ is ONLY made for CMH lamps that run at 230 volts. Never use a HPS or MH ballast with CMH lamp holders or CMH grow lights. Connect the mains plug into an electrical outlet socket and switch on. The ballast will start-up and light the lamp.

PLEASE NOTE: The 315w CMH lamps used in the SolisTek C1+ need to be bedded in as follows: on first illumination the lamp needs to be run continuously for a minimum of 15-30 minutes. This will allow the metals within the lamp to fuse correctly.

If the above is not adhered to, lamp warranty claims will be void.

Warning: When CMH high intensity discharge lamps are switched on they run extremely hot. As with all HID lamps it is necessary to avoid touching the lamp with anything such as fingers or plants as this may cause severe burns or fires. In particular, avoid sprays or liquids coming into contact with the lamp as this may cause premature failure or even an explosion.

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