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SolisTek 600w DE HPS & Metal Halide Lamps

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  • All lamps use premium quality quartz glass for enhanced spectral output and penetration, resulting in higher yields of superior quality
  • Ultra-high frequency SolisTek Double Ended Lamps are made for the very best in sunlight replication
  • Features UV balancing inside the lamps
  • Designed for commercial growers and hobby growers
  • All lamps produce high light levels of up to 1,200 umol
  • Covers the entire grow and bloom cycle of a plants life, leading to more vigorous plants with a higher quality end product
  • SolisTek 2K 600w HPS Lamp, used for the flowering period
  • SolisTek 4K 600w Daylight Lamp, used for the veg and early flower
  • SolisTek 6K 600w Dark Blue Lamp, used for vegetation, promoting tight inter nodes and bushy growth
  • SolisTek 10K 600w Finisher Lamp, used at the end of flower for a superior quality end product 
  • Depreciation rate of 5% at 10,000 hours of use for all lamps
  • Available as single lamps, Add-on Lamp Kit or Complete SolisTek 600w DE Metal Halide Lamp Kit
  • Please note: Solistek Lamps are only for use with Digital Ballasts

Customised lighting for Every Stage of Growth and Bloom, Producing Exceptional Quality Whilst Maintaining the Highest Yields

The SolisTek 600w Double Ended Lamp range features some of the highest output double ended lamps currently on the market. All lamps are optimized for specific periods of a plants life cycle. By using the entire SolisTek Double Ended Lamp range you will be giving your plants everything they could possibly need from a lighting source and provide a perfect spectrum to grow and thrive.

How the SolisTek 600w Single Ended Lamps Works

The SolisTek 600w Single Ended Lamp range is primarily designed for use with the SolisTek Matrix 600 watt Adjustable Digital Ballast but can be used with any other ballast that runs at 600w and 230 volts. They have an advanced spectral output with a high umol level to match, meaning your plants (at any stage of growth or bloom) will be bathed in high quality, plant usable light to grow and thrive.

The SolisTek range of 600w Single Ended lamps gives you complete coverage for all stages of plant growth and bloom. By using all four lamps you will be able to change in or out each lamp to correspond to every stage of a plants life cycle, therefore your plants will receive lighting perfectly suited to that particular period of veg or bloom, boosting plant health, vitality and most importantly you're end products yield and quality.

Use the SolisTek 6K Dark Blue lamp for vegetation, as it produces a high concentration of blue and purple light, for shorter and tighter inter node spacing and bushier, healthy growth. The SolisTek 4K Daylight is for the later vegetation period as this lamp provides full spectrum lighting, high in the blue, green and yellow spectrum, perfect for vigorous and robust growth which leads nicely into the flowering period. You can then use the excellent SolisTek 2K HPS to flower off your plants, before switching to the SolisTek 10K Finishing Lamp with its unique spectral output for the final week to ten days. This adds extra quality via UV light to your end product, literally allowing it to finish to perfection.

When Do I Switch Between Lamps?

SolisTek have created a range of lamps, harnessing a spread of lighting spectrums to compliment every period of a plants life cycle. From the earliest seedlings stages, through to late flower, helping you produce the best possible results every time. The veg weeks and flowwring weeks illustrated below are for guidence only.

Veg Week 1-8: Begin with the SolisTek 6K Blue Lamp for your seedlings, rooted cuttings and young plants, as this lamp promotes bushy, dense growth with tight internodes. The SolisTek 6K Blue is high in blue, purple and green light, making it excellent for all your vegging needs. Use until a couple of weeks before you're ready to flower (depending on how long you're vegging for, typically 4-8 weeks).

Flowering Week 1-2: Two weeks into flowering switch to the SolisTek 4K Daylight Lamp, which is higher in green and yellow light whilst still containing large amounts of purple and blue light, making it a full spectrum lighting source similar to sunlight. The SolisTek 4K Daylight still promotes healthy, upward growth while increasing essential oil content as the first flower sets form.

Flowering Week 3-7: Switch to the SolisTek 2K HPS Lamp as your primary light for most of the flowering period. High in yellow, orange and red light the SolisTek 2k HPS Lamp stimulates rapid, heavy flowering formation.

Flowering Week 8-9: One or two weeks prior to harvest switch out the SolisTek 2k HPS Lamp and replace it with the SolisTek 10K Finisher Lamp. The SolisTek 10K Finisher Lamp has a unique spectrum. Very high in UV and deep blue light its especially useful when used on plants deep into flower, as it promotes increased essential oil production on your heavy-set flowers, further adding quality to your end product.

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Your choice of SolisTek single lamp or lamp kit from the SolisTek range (choose your lamp option above)

How to Use the SolisTek 600w Double Ended Lamps

Check out the One Stop Blog to find out how to correctly fit a double-ended lamp.

Note: The SolisTek lamps run at 230 volt only, do NOT use in 400 volt grow lights.


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