Solacure Flower Power Lamps (UVB & UVR8)

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  • Produces UVR8 protein via UVB exposure
  • Increase unique plant compounds between 20% - 35%
  • Kill or supress Powdery Mildew
  • Kill or supress insects
  • Denser flowers and less 'legginess' during flowering
  • Built in reflector

Solacure Lighting - Unlock the UVR8 protein for more unique plant compounds

Increase production of unique plant compounds from between 20% - 35%, with many growers reporting increases of 35%+. The patented technology makes this possible through the stimulation of the UVR8 protein, which is triggered by UVB radiation at 288nm. This, in turn, stimulates plants to produce more compounds to protect themselves from the increased UVB.

Please find the Solacure Fixtures for these lamps Here.

Read more about the Solacure Lights and growing with UVB in our Blog.

Kill or supress Powdery Mildew - Solacure lamps are also proven to help eliminate powdery mildew and other moulds which cannot live in a high UV environment. They are not a substitute for good sanitation but provide extra insurance that powdery mildew wont sneak up on you.

Kill or supress Insects - The 66% UVA portion of the Solacure lamps is modelled after the sun but is more intense. In a grow room, where there is nowhere to hide, insect populations will drastically reduce before they multiply.

More compact, denser flowers and less 'legginess' during flowering - High UVB exposure reduces how much taller plants get during flowering, as the plant converts energy from growing taller stems into producing more unique plant compounds

How the Solacure Flower Power Lamps Work

UVR8 is a protein which is produced by some types of plants in defence against UVB light. It is stimulated by UVB light at 288nm. UVB light (within the range of 280-320nm), is normally received from the sun. When a plant detects UVB at 288nm, it produces the UVR8 protein. This protein acts as a chemical messenger which in turn, signals to the plant to secrete more oils and resins to help protect itself from the UVB rays. By adding supplementary UVB light into an indoor growing environment, growers can artificially stimulate this response and benefit significantly. Triggering the UVR8 protein during the flowering season, will make plants shift resources from growth to protection. This means they will grow less tall and instead produce significantly more oils and resins.


1x Solacure Flower Power UVB & UVR8 Grow Light of your choice (choose your size above)

How to Use the Solacure Flower Power Lamps

We recommend running two Flower Power lamps for every 600w to 1000w HID light source, or equivalent. The plug and play system makes linking multiple fixtures together easy. Simply link together the required number of fixtures then connect the primary fixture to the mains wall socket. A maximum of 8 fixtures can be linked from a single power supply. Fixtures can easily be suspended using integral hangers. 3m mains cables and 1.5m link cables are also available seperately.

Lighting Durations

As always, it's better to start out low and work your way up gradually. In general, you want to be aiming to work your way up to 2 - 6 hours of UV per day, spread out over two stints. Start off at two 15 minute sessions and work your way up by increasing the duration of each stint by 15 minutes every couple of days.

The Pulse Method

15 minutes on, 45 minutes off throughout the entire flowering run during lights on. This will give plants some time to rest in between pulses and will have the added benefit of being near impossible to have adverse effects.

Sunrise / Sunset (Approach with Caution)

2-3 hours on at the start and end of the ‘day’. Some users turn their solacure on during the sunrise and sunset times.


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