Sol-Digital 600w HPS Dual Spectrum Lamp - Optimized for Adjustable Digital Ballasts

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  • Released after an exhaustive research program
  • The perfect match for your Adjusta-Watt Ballast
  • Engineered to maintain consistent spectrums at various output settings
  • Also highly effective when used with magnetic ballasts
  • Produces up to 93,500 lumens - 3500 brighter than the competition
  • Delivers great results in both veg and flower
  • Can be fixed vertically or horizontally

Can be Run at Different Output Settings with Less Change to the Light Spectrum

Not only do Sol-Digital lamps feature a lumen output that's above the competition, they're also optimized to maintain consistent light spectrums when used at different wattages with adjustable ballasts. Very highly recommended!

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How the Sol-Digital 600w HPS Lamp Works

The Sol-Digital 600w HPS Lamp is a dual-spectrum lamp with a huge 93,500 lumen output that's great for use in both the vegetative growth stage and for flowering plants. The lamp produces a high level of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). This is light in the right spectral regions to provide the energy that your plants require to form sugars from water and CO2 in the surrounding atmosphere.

Digital ballasts are outgrowing traditional magnetic ballasts in popularity year on year, mostly due to the flexibility they provide in controlling temperatures, especially during difficult summer months. Often, this flexibility comes at a price - HPS lamps are optimized for use at their intended output levels, and when they are powered through adjustable ballasts at different outputs, their light spectrums can be negatively effected. The new Sol-Digital range of grow lamps represent a huge breakthrough in this area, providing consistent spectrums and useable light (PAR) at multiple settings. Extensive research has been put into optimizing these lamps for use with Adjusta-Watt ballasts, though they perform fantastically with any compatible high-quality 600w ballast, be it magnetic or digital.

Light spectrum output of the Sol Digital HPS lamp

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1 x 600w lamp

How to Use the Sol-Digital 600w HPS Lamp

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