Sol-Digital 250w Metal Halide Lamp

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  • Sol-Digital – ultra-high output grow lamps
  • Metal Halide lamp produces blue light for vegetative stage
  • Optimised for high-frequency digital ballasts, like the Adjusta-Watt
  • High levels of useable plant light - PAR of 170 umol/m2/s
  • Low THD (total harmonic distortion) when paired with other Sol-Digital lamps
  • No dedicated MH ballast required
  • Optimised for use with your Adjusta-Watt ballast
  • Fits standard E40 screw socket

Perfect for Use During the Vegetative Growth Stages

The Sol-Digital 250w Metal Halide Lamp is a vegetative stage, growth spectrum lamp which has been optimised to run with an Adjusta-Watt Ballast. During the growth period plants much prefer the blue end of the light spectrum giving fast upward growth and dense,close internodes which helps greatly when moving towards the flowering cycle. The Sol-Digital 250w lamp works well as a supplementray lamp when combined with high pressure sodium (HPS) as well as a stand alone fixture for excellent vegetative growth. 

How the Sol-Digital 250w Metal Halide Lamp Works

The Sol-Digital 250w Metal Halide Lamp is a single-spectrum metal halide lamp with a high level of useable plant light, often referred to as photosynthetically active radiation or PAR. The lamp mostly produces light in the blue part of the spectrum for fast vegetative growth and very short internodes, helping to eliminate stretching issues. As very little orange/red light is produced, it is not recommended for heavy flowering. It will however make exceptional supplementary lighting, broadening the spectrum of your HPS lamp. Expect greater levels of essential oil production and tougher, healthier plants.

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1 x Sol-Digital 250w Metal Halide Lamp

How to Use this Lamp

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