Smartgro Spring-Lock Yo-Yos 10 Pack

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  • 1.4m nylon line and hook system
  • Can be used again and again
  • Great for training plants and making the most efficient use of your grow space
  • Comes with spring-tension to pull the hooks back towards the Yo-Yo, gently lifting plants
  • Features tension control, allowing you to set the nylon line to a specific length

Superior Quality Yo-Yos, Complete with Tension Control

When you need to train plants and support huge fruits, yo-yos are perfect for the job. Just attach them to the top of your tent frame and use the orange hooks to secure your branches - the tension in the nylon line will then keep everything in position. Unlike regular Yo-Yos, Smartgro Yo-Yos also come with tension control, allowing you to set them at particular lengths.

How Yo-Yos Work

Yo-yos consist of hooks that sit at the end of lengths of nylon line. The line is under tension, thanks to a spring mechanism which pulls the hook back towards the reel. This helps to gently lift any branches that you position the hook under.

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1 x Smartgro Spring-Lock Yo-Yos 10 Pack

How to Use Yo-Yos

Yo-yo plant trainers are mainly for use on mature plants as they reach the end of the vegetative phase and also especially during flowering/fruiting. Plant-stems on young plants are usually too thin and delicate for this type of training. During the flowering/fruiting time, plants tend to grow upwards but not outwards, leading to the stems getting bunched together. By opening out the plant, each stem will get more light lower down, encouraging more flower or fruiting sites.

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