Smart Gro Multi-Use Padded Plant Tie 5m

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  • Quickly and easily tie branches together or to a support
  • Thick (just over 3mm), soft padding avoids damage to the plant
  • Wire core for retaining the shape it is twisted into
  • 5 metres in length
  • Non-absorbant - will not encourage mould
  • Has many uses in the garden and around the home

The Gentle Alternative to Twist-Ties

There's several products out there to which can help with plant training. One of the most commonly used is twisty-ties. Unfortunately they are rather thin and can be prone to digging into branches. The Smart Gro Padded Tie can be used just like twisty-ties but it has a much thicker protective padded outside which makes a big difference to lessen the likelihood of damage being caused.

How the Multi Use Padded Plant Tie Works

The Padded Plant Tie can be used just about anywhere that a twisty-tie might be used but with the added bonus that it is far less likely to cut into or cause damage in use. It can be used to tie branches together or to attach them to a trellis. the wire core will make the padded plant tie keep its shape while the soft, thick coating prevents accidental damage. Plant training is important for maximising crop yield. By opening out the side-shoots of a plant, they will receive more light and get better air-flow around them. This improves their growth speed and health. With prudent training, plants can be coerced into creating a flat canopy which will increase yields. The padded plant tie can also be used to help support heavy blooms to prevent the stems bending or breaking under the weight.

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1x 5 metre length of Multi Use Padded Plant Tie

How to use the Multi Use Padded Plant Tie

Choose the stem that you wish to fix in place and where you want to fix it to. Using tin snips or a wire cutter cut off enough padded plant tie to loop around the stem and the other item you want to attach it to. Scissors are generally not suitable for cutting the wire core. Bend the padded tie around both the stem and the fixing point leaving a little room for growth and air-movement around the stem at the fixing point. Twist the ends of padded tie together to prevent it coming off. 

To release the tie simply untwist the ends.

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