Smart Gro Adjustable Plant Ties

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  • Makes keeping shoots and branches in place a breeze
  • 23cm in length
  • Very strong
  • Non-absorbant - will not encourage mould
  • Completely adjustable
  • 50 in a pack
  • Reusable many times over

Keep your Plants in place with Adjustable Plant Ties

Training and shaping plants is essential for maximising yields. These adjustable plant ties make it simple to keep shoots and branches in place. They're 23cm in length, reusable, and very strong.

How Adjustable Plant Ties Work

These adjustable plant ties are a little like cable zip-ties but they do not lock permanently in place. Instead, they are ridged along their length and fix in place in a slot at the top. They can be looped around the stem or shoot of a plant along with the item that you want to fix it to, such as a trellis. By opening out the side-shoots of a plant, they will receive more light and get better air-flow around them. This improves their growth speed and health. With prudent training, plants can be coerced into creating a flat canopy which will increase yields. Plant ties can also be used to help support heavy blooms to prevent the stems bending or breaking under the weight.

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1x pack of 50 Adjustable Plant Ties

How to use Adjustable Plant Ties

Choose the stem that you wish to fix in place and where you want to fix it to. Bend a tie around both the stem and the fixing point. Twist the end by a quarter turn and push the it through the slot. Pull the end through the slot until the loop is the required diameter. Do not overtighten. Remember to leave some slack for growth and for the stem to breathe. Unturn the tie and the slot will grip the closest ridge.

To release the tie, simply give the tie a quarter turn close to the slot and pull it back through.

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