RVK Fan, 50mm Depth CarboAir & Acoustic Ducting Extraction Kit

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RVK & Carbo Air Extraction Kit - 5 Metres Acoustic Ducting - 4" (100mm) 184m3/hr
RVK & Carbo Air Extraction Kit - 5 Metres Acoustic Ducting - 5" (125mm) 220m3/hr
RVK & Carbo Air Extraction Kit - 5 Metres Acoustic Ducting - 5" (125mm) L1 323m3/hr
RVK & Carbo Air Extraction Kit - 5 Metres Acoustic Ducting - 6" (150mm) 428m3/hr
RVK & Carbo Air Extraction Kit - 5 Metres Acoustic Ducting - 8" (200mm) 796m3/hr
RVK & Carbo Air Extraction Kit - 5 Metres Acoustic Ducting - 10" (250mm) 860m3/hr
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  • Money-saving deal over buying the items individually
  • Comes with a 50mm bed-depth CarboAir filter
  • Uses coarse carbon that gives odours more contact time while offering unbeatable airflow
  • Acoustic ducting to minimise wind noise
  • Available in several sizes to suit your needs
  • Rugged and dependable RVK inline duct fan
  • The fan, filter and ducting are all matched together for excellent performance
  • Easy to use fast clamp makes joining the fan and filter a doddle
  • Comes with five metres of acoustic ducting, allowing you to vent (quietly) to a convenient point

Reliable Fans with High-Quality, High Airflow Filters and Acoustic Ducting

This kit combines the ruggedness and dependability of RVK inline duct fans with the airflow levels and build-quality of CarboAir filters. We've also added five metres of Acoustic Ducting, which is insulated to lower noise levels, giving you extra peace of mind.


Recommended Additional Purchases

Hanging equipment - to mount your extraction kit at the top of your grow room or grow tent


How the RVK Fan & CarboAir Kit Works

Our RVK & CarboAir extraction kit contains everything you need to remove stale air and odours from your grow room or grow tent. All the parts are top quality and matched to work together perfectly. Systemair RVK fans are notoriously well-made and reliable whilst CarboAir filters offer unrivaled filtration and maximum airflow. A fast clamp makes easy work of joining the fan and filter together while 5 metres of acoustic ducting and a duct clip allow you to vent to a convenient outlet. A power cable with a moulded mains plug for the extraction fan completes the set-up.

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1 x Systemair A1 RVK Sileo inline duct fan in either 4" (100mm), 5" (125mm), 6" (150mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm) and 12" (315mm)
1 x 50mm bed CarboAir Filter to match your RVK size
1 x 5m length of Acoustic Ducting
1 x 2m Mains IEC Lead
1 x Fast Clamp
1 x Duct Clip


Which Size Kit Do I Need for My Grow Tent?

Find out the volume of your grow space in cubic metres: width x length x height = volume

For example: 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m = 2.88m3

You'll need to have the capacity to replace this volume of air once per minute. Multiply the volume figure by sixty to work out the airflow needed per hour.

2.88m3 x 60 = 172.80m3

Carbon filters add some extra load to your fan. To account for this, multiply the required airflow by 1.2, which will give you some spare capacity.

172.80m3 x 1.2 = 207.36m3

Note that it is always better to over-spec your fan and regulate it with a controller. This gives you the flexibility to increase output levels if temperatures rise.

4" (100mm) 184m3/hr (RVK A1) with 100mm/330mm CarboAir Filter (138m3/hr airflow with filter)
5" (125mm) 220m3/hr (RVK A1) with 125mm/330mm CarboAir Filter (160m3/hr airflow with filter)
5" (125mm) 323m3/hr (RVK L1) with 125mm/330mm CarboAir Filter (240m3/hr airflow with filter)
6" (150mm) 482m3/hr (RVK A1) with 150mm/330mm CarboAir Filter (330m3/hr airflow with filter)
8" (200mm) 796m3/hr (RVK A1) with 200mm/500mm CarboAir Filter (705m3/hr airflow with filter)
10" (250mm) 860m3/hr (RVK A1) with 250mm/500mm CarboAir Filter (730m3/hr airflow with filter)


How to Use the RVK Fan & CarboAir Kit

Check out the following blog post for a visual guide to installing extraction systems. Note that this kit includes a fast clamp, so the method of joining up the fan and filter is slightly different in this case.

Make sure that you hang the system at the top of your grow area (to remove hot air) and make sure that ducting leads to an outside point. Keep ducting runs as short as possible, as every extra metre of ducting reduces the maximum flow-rate. Try not to include sharp bends in the layout of your ducting or you will reduce the effectiveness of your system.

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