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Root!t Electric Heat Mats

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  • Helps to maintain temps within optimal ranges
  • Triggers accelerated plant growth and root development
  • Perfect for use with the Root!t Electric Thermostat
  • Improves cutting success rates
  • Accommodates a range of propagator sizes
  • Fully sealed, waterproof design
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Maintain Optimal Heating with a Root!t Electric Heat Mat

The Root!t Heat mat is used to maintain consistent temperatures inside your propagator at all times, giving seedlings and cuttings the best possible start during their most critical period.

Recommended but not supplied:
Root!t Electric Thermostat

How the Root!t Electric Heat Mat Works:

The Root!t Electric Heat Mat sits underneath your propagator, radiating heat in order to maintain temperatures within the required ranges for rapid plant growth and root development. By optimizing the climate inside your propagator, you can then expect to see improved cutting success, vibrant root development and all-round faster vegging times.

The Root!t Electric Heat Mat can also be paired with the separately available Root!t Electric Thermostat or the Green Sensation Electric Thermostat. In this case, the Heat Mat will automatically switch off whenever temperatures cross your selected threshold, giving you peace of mind that your next generation of plants is exposed to the correct conditions at all times, without having to manually check temperatures.

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Your choice of size of Root!t Heat Mat (choose your size above)


Root!t Heat Mat Small - 25cm x 35cm

Root!t Heat Mat Medium - 60cm x 40cm

Root!t Heat Mat Large - 120cm x 40cm

Recommended propagator size:

Root!t Heat Mat Small - 1 x Medium sized propagator 

Root!t Heat Mat Medium - 2 x Medium sized propagator or 1 x Large sized propagator

Root!t Heat Mat Large - 3 x Medium sized propagator or 2 x Large sized propagator 

How to use the Root!t Electric Heat Mat:

Using the Root!t Heat Mat is as easy as sliding it under your propagator and plugging it in at a mains socket. Although the unit is waterproof, do ensure that it is placed in a dry area for general use. Check the environment inside your propagator with a suitable thermometer or hygrometer and power the heat mat on and off at suitable times to achieve temperatures of around 25°C during your plants' daytime and 18°C when lighting is off. By powering the Heat Mat via a plug-in timer, you can tailor the heat mat's output to maintain the perfect conditions for triggering accelerated plant growth and root development.

The Root!t Heat Mat can also be used in conjunction with the separately available Root!t Electric Thermostat or the Green Sensation Electric Thermostat. In this case, plug either thermostat into the wall and plug your heat-mat into the socket attached to the thermostat. Keep the Thermostat outside the propagator and away from moisture – NEVER submerge it in water. Place the probe inside the propagator, level with your plants. If you have a spare rooting plug among a tray of cuttings you can even bury the probe inside the rooting plug and place it in the tray. Next, you will need to choose the temperature setting for your propagator.

Do this by holding the 'set' button for 3 seconds and using the 'up' and 'down' buttons to choose your desired level. If you wish to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, press and hold one of the 'up' and 'down' buttons. Holding 'up' will switch to Celcius and holding 'down' will switch to Fahrenheit – an LED will light up on-screen to distinguish between the two.

The power LED will light up whenever the heat-mat is in use. This LED will switch off once temperatures recorded by the probe have reached a level matching your chosen setting, indicating that power to the heat-mat has been turned off by the thermostat.


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