Replacement Reflector Liner for Dimlux Expert 600W HPS Fixture

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  • Dimlux Alpha 98 Miro silver reflector - 98% relective!
  • Fits the Dimlux Expert 600 Watt HPS Full Fixture
  • Brings back the full efficiency of your Dimlux Expert 600W Fixture
  • Features SBCS (Single Bounce Clear Sight) technology
  • Open design produces a passive cooling effect - improves the life and efficiency of your lamp
  • Replace every 12 months to maintain garden efficiency

N.B.: The above picture is of the Reflector Liner for the Dimlux Expert 1000W HPS Fixture which is virtually the same product but with very slightly different cut-outs for the lamp

Replace the Reflector Liner in your Dimlux Expert 600W HPS Fixture to Maintain its Brilliance!

The Dimlux Alpha Optics 98 Miro reflectors used in the amazing Dimlux Expert Series of light fixtures are awesomely efficient with a reflectivity of 98%. However, after about a year or so their efficiency will start to go down. To keep up the quality and yields of your indoor garden make sure that you replace the reflector liner every 12 months.

How the Replacement Reflector Liner Works:

The Dimlux Alpha 98 Miro Silver reflectors are astoundingly efficient. The design and the manufacturing process produces a reflectivity of 98%. The design utilises SBCS (Single Bounce Clear Sight) technology, which ensures that all of the light from the lamp is directed down towards plants with a single bounce. No light hits the reflector twice, nor goes back through the lamp. Secondly, the shape ensures that your garden is lit evenly. In fact, the Miro surface is so reflective it really does look like a shaped mirror.

Moisture in the air can degrade reflectors, so it's good practice to replace them once a year. Reductions in efficiency can translate to big losses in yields over time. A small investment in a new replacement reflector will easily pay for itself.

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1 x Replacement Reflector Liner to fit the Dimlux Expert 600W HPS Fixture

How to Use the Replacement Reflector Liner:

When the time comes to replace your reflector, first disconnect the unit from the mains and (if neccessary) allow the lamp to cool completely. Next, remove the lamp from the complete light unit, and then carefully prise the old reflector liner off. Next, simply fit the new one by reversing the process. Be careful to try not to touch the mirror surface on the inside of the reflector. Finally, refit the lamp and reconnect the mains in order to test the unit

Dimensions: 285mm x 280mm

Weight: 430 grams

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