Re-wireable IEC (kettle-type) Male Plug (reflector)

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  • Can be used to replace a damaged/broken reflector connector
  • Internal connections are screw-type
  • Tough plastic construction
  • Live and Neutral connections are marked
  • Mates with IEC Female connector
  • Rated at 10 amps

Re-wireable IEC (kettle-type) Male Plug (reflector)

A replacement Male IEC Plug like those found on the end of reflector leads

How the Male Plug Works:

The Re-wireable IEC (kettle-type) Male Plug (reflector) allows you to draw power provided by an IEC Female Socket. The Re-wireable IEC plug can be fitted onto the end of any cable (such as that found on the end of reflectors) and then plugged onto an IEC female socket (like that found on the output of a ballast). The re-wireable IEC plug can be used to replace or renew old or damaged connectors of a similar type.

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1 x Re-wireable IEC Male Plug

How to Use the Male Plug:

Mains connectors and fittings should only be installed by an electrically competent person. Remove the old or damaged connector (if necessary) and strip back the outer sheath of the cable by 30mm approx. Unscrew the main screw and take apart the connector. Partially unscrew the strain-relief screws so a cable can be inserted into it. Slide the strain relief over the end of your cable. Cut back the wires on the end of your cable to the correct length. Strip back the ends to reveal approximately 7mm of copper. Slide the cable under the strain relief bridge and into the connector. Screw each wire into the appropriate screw-connection inside and tighten. Tighten the strain-relief screws and re-assemble the connector. Plug the connector into the correct socket and switch on.

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