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Rhino Mixed-Flow Inline Fan - Two-Speed

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  • Amazing value for money
  • Perfect for beginners or those on a tight budget
  • Moves high volumes of air per hour
  • Adjustable between two speed settings
  • Plug and play – no wiring required 

Cost-Effective, Entry Level Fans - Ideal for Beginners

Rhino Mixed-Flow fans get the job done, and for a very reasonable price. They've got everything you need to get started, straight out of the box - with no wiring or extra parts required. They also feature two speed settings so that you can gain some additional control over your environment before investing in a fan speed controller. For the more serious growers out there, we recommend using a digital fan like the Hyperfan or the Revolution Vector EC, which are more efficient, powerful and controllable - but if you're just getting going, Rhino fans represent phenomenal value for money. 


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How the Rhino Fan Works

The Rhino Mixed-Flow fan is used to remove stale, humid air from the grow area. By attaching a carbon filter to it, you can also remove odours from the area at the same time. Your extraction system is the main tool at your disposal for taking control of the grow room environment, so it makes sense to invest in the best equipment that you can lay your hands on. The Rhino Mixed Flow Fan represents great value for money, offering two speed settings, a decent build-quality, plug-and-play functionality and high levels of air movement.

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1 x Rhino Mixed-Flow Fan (choose your size above), 1 x power cable

Airflow Rates for Each Fan Size

4-Inch: 165 / 200 m3/hr

5-Inch: 248 / 284 m3/hr

6-Inch: 397 / 516 m3/hr

How to Use the Rhino Mixed-Flow Fan

Connect your fan to a carbon filter, attaching it so that the fan draws air through the filter (don’t fit your fan the wrong way around!!). We recommend using a suitably sized fast clamp to create a solid join and a more stable unit. Hang the fan and filter up in the grow area. Next, you’ll need to attach ducting to the other end of your fan. Duct clips are ideal for this purpose. Run the ducting out through the extraction sock at the top of your grow tent and out to an outside point, keeping it as straight as possible.


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