RAM Heavy Duty 18-Inch (450mm) Wall Fan

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  • Built to the highest standards - extremely solid
  • Wall-mountable oscillating fan with an 18-inch diameter blade
  • Choose from 3 speed settings, which can be controlled by either the dial or pull cord switch
  • Controlled oscillation using the other pull cord switch
  • Automatically restarts in the event of a power cut
  • Saves floor space making your grow room more efficient
  • Fitted with a powerful 100w motor
  • Comes with full instructions, wall mounting screws and wall plugs

The Premium Wall Fan That's Space-Saving, Quiet and Reliable

 RAM Heavy-Duty fans are manufactured to extremely high specifications, featuring super powerful motors and an exceptional build quality that makes them quiet and reliable. Every square inch of floor space is important in your grow room, so using wall-mounted fans allows you to maximise productivity.


How the RAM Heavy-Duty Wall Fan Works

This is the Rolls Royce of wall fans! As soon as you handle it, you realise that it's been manufactured to a much higher standard than 99% of the competition. The motor looks and feels like it could power a small car! At 100w, it's extremely powerful while remaining nice and quiet. Because the framework is so well made, you don't get the rattling noises that can be a problem with cheaper fans. It features three speeds, which you can adjust between with a dial, and a pull-chord switch system for the oscillation feature.

Cable length: 1.5 meters

Wattage: 100w

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1 x Heavy-Duty RAM Wall Fan with instructions and wall mounting kit

How to Use the RAM Heavy-Duty Wall Fan

Adjust the speed of the wall fan by turning the central dial or pulling the pull switch cord on the right-hand side and set the oscillation movement via the pull switch cord on the left. Plug the fan in and switch it on.

Note: Never connect an air circulation fan to a fan speed controller. Only use the fans own speed switches to control the fan speed. If an air circulation fan is connected to a fan speed controller designed for in-line duct fans, then it will burn out and possibly start a fire.

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