RAM Heavy Duty 18-Inch (450mm) Pedestal Fan

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  • Circulates the air in your grow-space for a consistent environment
  • Large size makes it suitable for larger grow spaces
  • Impressively quiet for the amount of air it moves
  • 4 Speed settings
  • Oscillation function
  • The head is easily tilted to the required angle
  • Easy height adjustment via a twist-lock on the telescopic stand
  • Solid base for sturdiness

Big, Quiet, and Built To Last! - The RAM 18" Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan

The RAM 18" Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan is the perfect fan for bigger grow spaces (when quietness and reliability are a must). This large circulation fan moves a lot of air and it's one of the quietest fans we've ever tested. There's 4 speed settings and an oscillation function for complete versatility. The metal blades and big motor ensure reliability.


How the RAM 18" Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan Works

Gently circulating the air in your grow-space brings 2 main benefits. First of all, it mixes the air which helps to prevent hot and cold spots in the grow-room. Also, it helps to refresh the air air around the leaves. Plant leaves absorb the CO2 in the air next to them and use it for photosynthesis. A gentle air movement over the leaves replaces the CO2 depleted air so that photosynthesis does not become compromised due to a lack of this vital gas.

The RAM 18" Heavy Duty Fan is solidly made. The base of most pedestal fans are just a metal cross which are often a bit wobbly and can easliy become bent. This Heavy Duty RAM fan features a solid base for sturdiness.

Likewise, the pedestal telescopic poles are high quality, and feature a twist-lock for easy raising and lowering of the height. The head of the fan is tiltable forwards and backwards so that you can direct the moving air exactly where you want it.

The fan blades are made of durable metal, not plastic, and the large motor which drives them is a quality item for great reliability.

The shape of the blades and the quality of the motor ensures that while this fan can move a lot of air, noise is kept down to an absolute minimum. In fact, this is probably the quietest pedestal fan that we've ever tested.

The whole package is completed by a 4-speed control. A second switch turns on a separate motor  for the oscillation function.

Max Power Consumption: 140 Watts

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1x RAM 18-Inch (450mm) Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan

How to Use the RAM Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan

Simply build the fan according to the instructions. Adjust the height of the fan by twisting the twistlock in the centre of the pedestal. The fan can then be raised or lowered as required. The head of the fan can be tilted to face upwards or downwards as desired with a simple push. We recommend that the fan does not blow directly at your plants as the air movement can be too strong. Instead, it is better to face the fan towards a wall or over the top of the plants.

Once the fan has been situated and set up as desired, plug the unit in to a mains socket. The fan is turned on by turning the speed control knob on the motor unit to the 1,2,3 or 4 position. The oscillation can be turned on with the red rocker switch next to it.

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