Quick Connection Kit for HR-15 & HR-50 Humidifiers

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  • Allows seamless connection between an external water supply and your humidifier
  • Quick release connections ensure fast and simple installation
  • Can connect to either the HR-15 or HR-50 humidifiers

Connect Your HR-15 or HR-50 Humidifier Directly to a Water Tank

Never let your humidifier run dry by attaching it to a water tank using this Quick Connection Kit. As your humidifier uses its internal water supply up the connection kit feeds more water into the humidifier, allowing you more time plant tending and less time topping up.


How the Quick Connection Kit Works

When boosting humidity in a large room your water supply based under the HR-15 or HR-50 humidifiers can run out fast. By attaching the Quick Connection Kit, you can save yourself a lot of refilling time and keep a more constant water supply feeding your humidifier.

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1x 13mm hose pipe (3 meters length)
2x 13mm quick release hose pipe fittings
1x 13mm - 6mm threaded reducer (for reducing down to 6mm pipe, if required)
1 x 6mm pipe (3 meters length)

How to Use the Quick Connection Kit

To use the Quick Connection Kit, you will need a water tank or water butt with a 13mm tap that uses a quick connection fitting. Use the hose and fittings included to attach the water tank to the humidifier and make sure the connection is secure and tightly fitted.  

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