Quest F9 Air Mover

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  • Circulates and mixes huge volumes of air - 1274 cubic metres of air per hour!
  • Built by Quest - one of the USA's favourite air treatment equipment makers
  • Helps to prevent micro-climates
  • No LEDs or lights to interrupt light cycles
  • Easy to transport and carry, thanks to its integrated handle
  • Features an onboard circuit breaker and branch protection GFCI
  • Teams up nicely with the Dimlux Maxi Controller or the G.A.S. Enviro Controller

Mixes and Circulates Vast Quantities of Air

The Quest F9 is a high-end piece of kit that circulates an enormous 750 cubic feet of air per MINUTE! This works out at over 1274 cubic metres per hour, making it as powerful as a top-end inline duct fan. Ideal for keeping conditions even and optimal in larger rooms.


How Air Movers Work

In order to maintain optimal growth rates, you'll need to keep the air in your room or tent circulating constantly. As plants photosynthesise, they use up the CO2 around them. Your extraction and intake system will bring in a fresh supply of CO2 to replace it, but air movers ensure that this essential gas gets to where it needs to. By keeping air circulating, air movers also help to create consistent conditions within the room.

The F9 is built by Quest, makers of air treatment equipment that's used across numerous industries and government organisations, including the military. Quest dehumidifiers are even trusted for use onboard naval destroyers! Buy one of these pieces of kit and rest assured that you've chosen wisely.

Dimensions: 43cm (w) x 52cm (l) x 23cm (h)

Current draw: 0.7amp

Supply voltage: 230 - 240 VAC (Single Phase 50hz)

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1 x Quest F9 Air Mover, instructions, 6m power cable (IEC kettle lead type)

How to Use the Quest F9 Air Mover

This unit is incredibly simple to use; all you need to do is plug the 6m power cable into the back of the unit using the IEC connector and plug the other end into a mains socket. Switch the unit on and you're good to go. Just make sure that you don't have any loose objects too close to the inlet point of the fan, as they are likely to get sucked in.

Always ensure that you unplug the unit before cleaning it.

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