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Purolyt Disinfectant Concentrate

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  • Creates a sterile growing environment
  • Use throughout a grow to prevent infections
  • Boost your plants’ immune system
  • Kill bacteria, fungi and algae
  • Tackle outbreaks without damaging plants
  • Repeated application results in enhanced protection
  • Can be used to wipe, spray, fog or immerse equipment.
  • Made in Germany to the highest standards.

Purolyt Disinfectant Concentrate Is a Grow Room Essential Which Kills Bacteria, Fungi and Algae and Could Save Your Plants When Potentially Fatal Infections Take Hold

Designed in Germany, Purolyt disinfectant concentrate is made of hypochlorous acid which is used in professional hygiene management due to its extremely efficient disinfecting properties of surfaces and equipment. Purolyt disinfectant concentrate works similarly to how the human body fights off bacteria. When purolyt disinfectant concentrate is applied, its active ingredient / antimicrobial substance called hypochlorous acid locks down bacteria and kills them.


1 x Your choice of size of Purolyt Disinfectant Concentrate

Purolyt disinfectant concentrate also destroys fungi and algae, making it perfect for use in systems to stop bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus pythium spp. The antimicrobial effect that purolyt disinfectant concentrate has makes it a favourite of those growing in big areas who need to disinfect their surroundings.

What's the best way to use Purolyt disinfectant concentrate?

Purolyt disinfectant concentrate can be used in five main ways.

Wiped down - Surfaces can be wiped down with Purolyt disinfectant concentrate to provide extremely efficient disinfecting properties to your grow area.

Sprayed - You can spray purolyt disinfectant concentrate around your grow area to get any nooks and crannies.

Fogging - Cold fogging allows for uniform distribution throughout your grow room and is the choice of professional hygiene management.

Immersion - You can put tools directly into the liquid, providing a full cleanse from bacteria.

Direct addition - to disinfect raw water, you can use Purolyt directly in your water as the active ingredient.


20ml per 1L of water.

Spray surfaces and immerse equipment to remove any residual bacteria and begin your grow in a sterile environment. Ensure all surfaces are fully covered in solution and leave for 3-6 minutes.

10ml per 1L of water.

When recycling substrate, prep with Purolyt, removing old roots before soaking and allow to rest for 48 hours.


5-10ml to every 10L of water.

Add Purolyt to water reservoirs and nutrient tanks to prevent the growth of bio films and to stop the spread of bacteria.

20ml Purolyt per 1L of water.

The solution can be used in a cold fogger or spray bottle as a direct foliar spray to maintain a fully sterile environment throughout the grow.


20 – 40ml per 1L of water.

A slightly higher dose of Purolyt is recommended in the case of an existing contamination in reservoirs and tanks and also as a foliar spray.


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