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Propagation Tools

Getting cuttings to root can be a tricky process, and some plants can be particularly awkward! We stock a great range of essential and useful tools to help make your plant propagation a success. From sterile scalpels to thermometer/hygrometers to spray bottles of every sort, we have the propagation equipment you need to help make rooting your cuttings an easier and more productive process. For more information about making clones take a look at our How to Start Growing From Cuttings Blog. 

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Propagation Equipment

Every plant is slightly different and has different characteristics. They vary in growth pattern, yield, flavour and strength, just to name a few of the ways they can be different. Propagation is a way of growing the same plant over and over. Once you have found a plant that you are really fond of, by taking cuttings from it and rooting them, you can keep those genetics going for a long time. To do this successfully and repeatedly you will need some decent propagation equipment. At the bare minimum you will need rooting plugs, rooting hormone, a scalpel, a pistol spray gun and a propagator. Other handy items are a thermometer/hygrometer and a dedicated grow light like a T5 fluorescent panel, or the excellent Maxibright 200W or 300W LED Grow Light and maybe even a dedicated grow tent. Make sure that the propagation equipment and the area you're going take the cuttings is completely clean to avoid getting infections into the cut.

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