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Propagation Media

Rooting a cutting and turning it into a rooted clone is most effectively done in a rooting plug. We stock rooting plugs made of rockwool, fleximix and soil (peat) plugs. For successful cloning, make sure you use a quality rooting hormone such as Clonex, keep the cuttings in temperate conditions in a propagator with a good fluorescent light over them, and spray/mist them regularly with water until they have properly rooted. For more information about making clones take a look at our How to Start Growing From Cuttings Blog. 

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About Propagation Media

Rockwool was the standard type of rooting plug for a very long time. It is fairly reliable and held a good mix of air and water as long as they were given a good soak and then shaken out.

Recently, there have been a couple of advances in rooting plug. First came soil plugs which were ideal if transplanting into soil after the cuttings hae rooted.

Second came pre-wetted Fleximix rooting plugs. Fleximix is an organic,inert substance which holds a better ratio of air and water than rockwool. This increased the success rate by a significant margin.

More recently, Easy plugs have come onto the scene. Easy plugs (and blocks) are made from coco and it is claimed they hold the ideal mix of air and water, advancing the success rate still further.

Remember to use a sterile scalpel, rooting hormone, and a propagator. Lift the lid and give your cuttings a spray once or twice a day. The fresh air will do them good and the spray will help to keep them hydrated until they strike roots.

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