Sticky Backed Zippers 2m Single

Sticky Backed Zippers 2m Single

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Sticky Backed Zippers 2m Single

Sticky Backed Zippers 2 Metre Single

Use the Sticky Backed Zippers to easily join and separate 2 pieces of sheeting. Ideal for creating your own “doorways” or for quick assembly/disassembly of your garden set-up.

  • 2 Metres long
  • Adhesive sides – sticks to sheeting
  • Make your own sealable doorways/access gaps in-between pieces of sheeting


1 x Sticky Backed Zippers 2 metre in length

How the Sticky Backed Zippers work:

Sticky Backed Zipper is a quality zipper with adhesive backed sides. The zipper sides can be attached along the edges of any sheeting so that they can be easily zipped together. Zippers can be used to form doorways in sheeting or to create a grow-room that can be easily erected or dismantled. .

How to use Sticky Backed Zippers:

Attach the zippers to sheeting by peeling off the protective paper on the back of the adhesive sides and carefully apply to the edge of your sheeting. For best results, ensure that the sheeting is clean and free of oil or dirt prior to applying the sticky backing. To keep the join straight and to prevent rucks it may be easiest to lay your sheeting flat and gradually remove the backing paper as you apply the zipper adhesive side to your sheeting. Run a flat, hard edge over the joint to make sure that it is firmly stuck. When both sides have been applied to your sheets they can be zipped together.