Xtreme Gardening - CalCarb Foliar Booster
  • Xtreme gardening   calcarb foliar booster
  • Xtreme gardening   calcarb foliar booster back
  • 194080 calcarb 3oz 85g
  • 194085 calcarb 6oz 170g

Xtreme Gardening - CalCarb Foliar Booster


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3oz / 85.05g

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Xtreme Gardening - CalCarb Foliar Booster
  • Xtreme gardening   calcarb foliar booster
  • Xtreme gardening   calcarb foliar booster back
  • 194080 calcarb 3oz 85g
  • 194085 calcarb 6oz 170g

Give your plants a real lift with CalCarb Foliar Booster

A continuous source of calcium is essential for plant health. Without it, plants’ immune systems really suffer, growth becomes stunted, and blossom rot is a real danger. Calcium can be locked out in the rootzone by too much of other nutrients or by pH problems. Xtreme Gardening CalCarb avoids all that by delivering calcium to your plants directly via the leaves. CalCarb ensures that a calcium deficiency is never a problem, all while delivering a nice dose of extra CO2 to boost photosynthesis. CalCarb also helps plants deal with heat stress

  • Made in California, USA
  • Contains an easily absorbed form of calcium
  • Transports a dose of CO2 straight to the leaves
  • Prevents the problems caused by calcium deficiency
  • Drives a boost to photosynthesis
  • Helps to reduce the effects of heat stress
  • Use just once a week for greener, healthier plants


1x Your choice of size of Xtreme Gardening CalCarb.

How Xtreme Gardening CalCarb works:

Calcium is an essential element for plant growth. It is fundamental for cell walls and holding cells together. Calcium also plays a big part in enzyme activity and signalling within the plant.

Calcium is what is known as an “immobile” nutrient. Plants can move many nutrients around itself to where they are needed. For example, nitrogen can be moved from old lower leaves to fuel new growth at the top. However, calcium is not one of those nutrients that can be moved. Once calcium has been used by a plant, it cannot be relocated and reused for something else. So, without a continuous, adequate supply of calcium, new growth becomes stunted, withered, and the plant’s structure & immune system becomes incredibly weak. This makes the plant an easy target for insects and it becomes very vulnerable to fungal infections and diseases.

Unfortunately, even if there is plenty of calcium in the root zone, it can become locked out by pH and nutrient imbalances. For example, a lot of potassium, iron, magnesium, boron, zinc, phosphorous or manganese in the root-zone can make it impossible for a plant to uptake the amount of calcium that it needs.

Xtreme Gardening CalCarb contains calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the propriety form of nano-particles and is used as a foliar spray. Applying Calcarb directly to the leaves delivers this highly absorbable form of essential calcium straight into the plant. This bypasses the root-zone and ensures that calcium deficiencies don't become an issue. As a bonus, Calcarb also delivers a burst of CO2 which boosts photosynthesis.

How to use Xtreme Gardening CalCarb:

CalCarb can be used on any plant grown in any substrate, at any time up to a week or 2 before harvest.

Add 2 teaspoons (about 10g) of CalCarb per litre of water and mix very well. Use a spray gun to apply the mixture to the undersides of about 6-12 of the outermost leaves per plant. CalCarb does not need to be applied to the whole plant. There is no need to saturate the whole plant.

Avoid applying any other type of foliar spray for at least 36 hours to give your plants plenty of time to absorb all the calcium that they want. CalCarb leaves a beneficial white residue which can be rinsed off after 36 hours if desired.

As with all foliar sprays, only apply in low light intensity conditions and ensure none gets on your grow-lamp. The ideal time to spray your plants is when your grow-lamp has just gone out for the dark-cycle while the stomata are still open. This allows time for the spray to be absorbed before the lamp comes back on. This also reduces the chance of foliar burns due to intense light hitting wet leaves.

Guaranteed analysis - Calcium 31.00%

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