Aqua/WaterFarm Spare Irrigation Kits

Aqua/WaterFarm Spare Irrigation Kits


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AquaFarm Kit

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Aqua/WaterFarm Spare Irrigation Kits

Aqua/WaterFarm Spare Irrigation Kit

The AquaFarm and WaterFarm are tough, dripper/DWC units that have really stood the test of time. However, over time, parts can become lost, damaged or broken. These kits contain a replacement for all the parts of an AquaFarm or WaterFarm except for the planter, the reservoir and the bottom grommet.

  • Contains replacements for most of the parts that can wear out over time, become lost or broken
  • Contains pumping column, t-piece, drip-ring, air-line, reservoir indicator pipe and elbow
  • Can keep your AquaFarm or WaterFarm going almost forever
  • AquaFarm and WaterFarm Grommets available separately (fits both systems)


1 x Pumping column, 1 x T-piece, 1 x Drip-ring, 1 x 1m length of air-line tubing, 1 x Blue reservoir indicator pipe with elbow, 1 x retaining clip for reservoir indicator for either the AquaFarm or WaterFarm systems

Spare Aqua/WaterFarm Grommet available here

How the Aqua/WaterFarm Spare Irrigation Kit works:

The AquaFarm and WaterFarm systems are superb single plant grow-systems. Sometimes, parts can get lost, damaged or simply wear out. The AquaFarm and WaterFarm Spare Irrigation Kits contain everything apart from the planter, reservoir and reservoir grommet so that you can rejuvenate or repair your Aqua/WaterFarm at minimal cost without having to buy a whole new one.

The only small item that’s not included is the AquaFarm or WaterFarm grommet which fits into both systems at the side of the bottom of the reservoir. The grommet forms a seal around the elbow connected to the reservoir indicator, preventing leaks.

Using the Aqua/WaterFarm Spare Irrigation Kit:

The Pumping Column: The Aqua/WaterFarm pumping column fits through the large hole in the planter so that the T-piece connection tube and the air-line tube connection are at the top and the angled cut end is in the reservoir.

The T-piece fits onto the top of the pumping column and each end of the drip-ring fits into the side-connections of the T-piece. (please note: the drip-ring may already be pre-fitted into the T-piece)

The air-line tubing fits into small black grommet in the side of the pumping column, just below the T-piece connection. The other end of the air-line tubing should be connected onto the outlet of your air-pump.

One end of the irrigation elbow fits into the end of the blue reservoir indicator pipe (please note: the elbow may already be pre-fitted into the reservoir indicator pipe). The other end of the irrigation elbow push-fits into the grommet in the side of the reservoir near the bottom.

The retaining clip for the reservoir indicator fits over the tope end of the reservoir indicator pipe and then the barbed clip pushes into the small hole at the top of the reservoir. This holds the reservoir indicator pipe in a vertical position.