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Vitalink - Heat

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Protect Your Plants Against Unwanted Temperature Drops

Left unchecked, temperature problems can have a devastating effect on your crop, and if it's something you're struggling with, it makes sense to have a defense strategy. Chill and Heat are two new products from the team at Vitalink that do exactly that, toughening plants against temperature stress and ensuring that they can still thrive in unfavourable conditions.

  • Vitalink - one of the titans of the growing industry
  • Rigorously tested, reliable and consistent
  • Use Chill to deal with high temps and use Heat to deal with low temps
  • Causes plants to thrive in temperatures below their ideal range
  • Powerful and effective bio-stimulant
  • Helps to avoid any losses caused by unfavourable weather conditions
  • Promotes growth hormones within the plant that strengthen it against negative conditions
  • Rich in micronutrients
  • Highly effective in any growing medium
  • Concentrated formula: used at a rate of 0.4ml per litre


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How Heat Works:

The formula for Heat came about after years of testing in the professional growing industry. It works by utilising growth hormones that strengthen plants against external stresses. Treating with Heat will allow plants to thrive at temperatures well below their ideal ranges, helping to preserve your crop in even the most unfavourable conditions. In a perfect world, your plants would be in a perfect environment at all times; however, as we all know, this can be a difficult task in many circumstances. If you have any worries about temperature drops, we recommend doing the sensible thing and preparing yourself accordingly: adding heat to your regular feeding regimen can lift a lot of stress for both you and your plants.

How to use Heat:

Heat is highly effective in any growing medium. Use it alongside your other nutrients at a rate of 0.4ml per litre of nutrient solution, finishing before the final flush.

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