Sun System Vertizontal Parabolic Reflector

Sun System Vertizontal Parabolic Reflector

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Sun System Vertizontal Parabolic Reflector

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Please Also Note - This is a discontinued and discounted item and as such may have slight cosmetic damage and may not come with original instructions or packaging.

Horizontal or Vertical Lamp Orientation - It's Your Own Choice!

The vertizontal parabolic reflector is large and versatile to make the most of every photon of light from your grow lamp. At 46" (1170mm) in diameter, it casts all the light vertically downwards towards the canopy thanks to its excellent design. The lamp can be oriented either horizontally or vertically according to your preference.

  • Parabolic Reflector reflects light vertically downwards
  • Made with highly reflective materials
  • Lamp can be positioned horizontally or vertically
  • Large size (1150mm diameter) and excellent shape creates a very even light footprint over your garden
  • Can be positioned close to the canopy
  • Great for a 1.5m x 1.5m garden space


1x Vertizontal Parabolic Reflector

How the Sun System Vertizontal Reflector Works:

The Vertizontal reflector has a parabolic shape which reflects light from your grow lamp straight downwards towards the plant canopy. The material it is made from is highly reflective, ensuring that no light is wasted. The vertizontal reflector is unusual in that the lamp can be fitted either horizontally or vertically. This means that the footprint can be altered slightly depending on the grower's preference. 

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