Ultra Vivid 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp

Ultra Vivid 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp

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Ultra Vivid 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp

Perfect for Those on a Tight Budget

The Ultra Vivid 600w grow lamp represents excellent value for money, outshining everything else at the same price point. For those looking to maximise yields, we recommend investing in the best lamp that your budget will stretch to. It’s a decision that will pay dividends further down the line! However, if you’re working to a tight budget, then this 600w dual spectrum lamp will serve you well.

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  • Perfect for flowering plants
  • A dual-spectrum lamp - contains some blue light to help keep internodes tight
  • Comes in at an incredible price
  • Perfect for growers who are working to tight budgets
  • Can be used with pretty much any standard reflector with an E40 socket


1 x Ultra Vivid 600w Dual Spectrum Lamp

How the Ultra Vivid Grow Lamp Works:

The Ultra Vivid HPS lamp represents great value for money. It’s perfect for those who are working to a strict budget because it comes in at a low price without compromising too much on light output. We tested dozens of budget lamps and this was one of the few that we’d feel confident putting our name to. It’s a solid piece of kit that will get the job done. If you want to push things further in terms of quality or quantity, then you’re going to need to invest the extra cash in a better lamp, but for the price, we just can’t fault the Ultra Vivid!

Light spectrum output of the Ultra Vivid HPS Grow Lamp:

How to Use the Ultra Vivid Grow Lamp:

Pick the lamp up using a clean cloth and screw it into the E40 lamp holder of your reflector. Make sure that it is fitted as tightly as possible to avoid arcing between the centre contact and the lamp holder.

Connect your reflector cable to your 600w HPS ballast and switch on. Note that this is usually done using through a timer and contactor set-up. Do not plug HPS lighting equipment straight into regular timers!

Warning: Once the lamp is switched on, it runs extremely hot. As with all high-pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs, it is necessary to avoid touching the lamp, as this may cause severe burns or fires. In particular, avoid sprays or liquids coming into contact with the lamp as this may cause premature failure or even an explosion.

As with all lamps, the light output of the Ultra Vivid lamp will decrease over time. One Stop Grow Shop recommends that you replace your lamp regularly to maintain garden efficiency. Preferably once per full grow.

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