U-GRO Compressed Coco Grow Pot - 9 Litre

U-GRO Compressed Coco Grow Pot - 9 Litre

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U-GRO Compressed Coco Grow Pot - 9 Litre

Make Setting Up Your Grow Discreet, Quick and Easy with a Grow Pot

The 9 litre U-Gro Grow Pot is a brilliant all-in-one grow pot that comprises a 9 litre grow-bag with a block of compressed coco that expands when soaked to fill the pot to within an inch or two of the top. Simply add pH-adjusted feed-water gradually to the coco block while giving it a good stir and then place your plant into it. The U-Gro grow-pot is light and small for easy transportation and storage - brilliant!

  • Coco is an ever-increasingly popular growing medium
  • U-Gro compressed coco – high quality washed and buffered coco blocks
  • Grow pot – perfect for the amount of coco when soaked and expanded
  • Environmentally friendly and bio-degradable
  • Easy to use
  • Free of pathogens and diseases
  • Allows very fast growth and a very healthy root system


1 x 9 litre grow pot and 1 block of compressed Coco (expands to 9 litres)

How the U-GRO Grow Pot Works:

U-Gro compressed coco is made from high quality coconut fibre that comes in its own grow pot and is a great alternative to using soil. The U-Gro Compressed Coco Grow Pot is 9 litres in size and comes with a compressed block of coco at the bottom. This makes the U-Gro Compressed Coco Grow Pot small, light and easy to transport and store. The coco is washed and buffered before packing to ensure that is a stable, quality product. U-Gro coco provides an environmentally safe and economical growing medium which holds lots of water yet allows air to move freely through it providing oxygen for the roots. U-Gro Coco is free of soil-borne diseases and naturally contains trichoderma – a friendly strain of fungus that actually helps protect roots from root-rot. U-Gro Coco is a completely natural product and it can be easily disposed of safely such as in compost or on an outside garden bed.

How to Use the U-GRO Grow Pot:

The coco used in the U-Gro Compressed Coco Grow Pot is washed before being compressed and packed. To use, open out the bag and place it onto a tray or container to catch any run-off BEFORE adding any water. Gradually add about 2 to 3 litres of water/nutrient solution which has been pH adjusted to 5.8, giving it a good stir as you go. The coco block will gradually soak up the water and expand. Give it a few stirs every few minutes to loosen the coco up and keep adding the water a little at a time. When the coco has been wetted and loosened, it will fill to near the top of the grow pot. Your plant can then be placed into the coco and grown as usual. The coco contains no nutrients so plants rooted into it must be fed with nutrient which is ideally Coco-specific, such as Canna Coco nutrient or House & Garden Cocos. Coco-specific nutrients are formulated to provide more Calcium and less Potassium than other hydroponic feeds because Coco tends to absorb Calcium and release Potassium naturally.

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