TwistPot Saucer

TwistPot Saucer

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TwistPot Saucer

TwistPot System - Saucer

A height adjustable pot and tray system that affords greater control over drainage and feeding options. The design also allows brilliant air circulation beneath the pot meaning more oxygen reaching the root zone promoting healthy, productive plants

  • Cost effective
  • 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Oxygenated root systems
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy drainage
  • Feed from the top or bottom
  • Reusable

This Product Contains:

1 x TwistPot Saucer Tray

How Product Works:

The TwistPot Saucer compliments the TwistPot 15 litre Pot aiding in top down and bottom up feeding, hassle free drainage and oxygenating root systems.

How to use this Product:

Simply place the TwistPot Saucer underneath your TwistPot and allow it to catch the excess water. This run-off can then be tested for pH and EC/CF/PPM, giving you an insight into the plants requirements at different stages. The new design means that the pot can be placed in the desired position either sitting on the base for feeding from the bottom up or sitting on the central hub for superb drainage, when feeding from the top down.

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