Trimpro Trimbox - Trimming Machine
  • Trimpro trimbox and work station
  • Trimpro trimbox and work station
  • Trimpro trimbox
  • Trimpro trimbox workstation

Trimpro Trimbox - Trimming Machine


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Trimpro Trimbox

£699.95 £699.95
Trimpro Trimbox - Trimming Machine
  • Trimpro trimbox and work station
  • Trimpro trimbox and work station
  • Trimpro trimbox
  • Trimpro trimbox workstation

The Most Cost-Effective Automatic System in the Trimpro Range

Trimpro are responsible for designing and manufacturing the industry standard in leaf trimming equipment. If you’re looking for a way to turn large amounts of trimming work into a job that can be completed with ease by a single person, and in double quick time, then there’s no better investment. The Trimbox is built to the same high spec as it's bigger brother, the Trimpro Original but for smaller scale producers. It's available as either a standalone unit, to be mounted onto a workbench or table, or with a workstation to make your trimming even easier.

  • Trimpro – Original and Best
  • Trims large quantities of plant material in no time at all!
  • Sublime build quality
  • Easily dismantled for storage and transportation
  • Powerful and reliable motor
  • Quiet running


1 x Trimpro Trimbox (with or without workstation)

Diameter: 218mm (8.6")
Height: 233mm (9.2")
Weight: 6.35kg (14lb)

Dimensions inc workstation:
Width: (462mm) 18.2"
Length: (462mm) 18.2"
Height: (691mm) 27.2"
Weight: 12kg (26.4lb)

How the Trimbox Works:

Inside the Trimbox, a set of rotating blades sits close to the underside of the grate. Fitted to the two blades are a set of flaps, which can be angled in a similar way to a propeller, sucking air through the grill of the workstation. Untrimmed, fresh plant produce is then rolled over the grate in a circular movement, and any leaves that penetrate the grill are removed by the blade.

Excess leaves are sucked into the collecting bag, eliminating mess and keeping the surrounding area clean and tidy; the gathered leaves can then be disposed of or put to use for other purposes.

What puts Trimpro products well above the rest of the competition is the sublime build quality that can be felt through every component. Trimpro really do strive to deliver the finest quality products to its ever-growing base of loyal customers. Years of intensive research and careful consideration have been put into every aspect of the design and manufacturing of these units in order to create an end-product that’s sturdy, effective, robust and reliable.

How to use the Trimpro Trimbox :

Prior to use please note:
The hub (which sits on the drive shaft) and the Trimbox blades / flaps should never be separated. If adjusting, always use the blocking screw located on the side of the hub to remove the hub and blades as a combined unit; do not use the screw located on the top of the hub that sits in the centre of the blades and flaps.

The Trimbox can be mounted to a flat surface using the supplied bracket. Screw it in place on the side of the unit and use the other end of the bracket to fasten it down using either screws or a clamp. The collecting bag should then be fixed to the underside of the Trimbox. Open the Velcro fastener up and gently slide the bag up to the top of the Trimbox, so that it sits above the 4 black, rubber-coated bolts. That way, when you secure it in place using the Velcro fixing, the rubber-coated bolts will prevent the bag from sliding down.

Before powering the unit up, ensure that the Styrofoam protective covers are removed. Never allow fingers or gloves to come into contact with either the blade or the protective grill. Check that the blade is sitting correctly – make sure that there is a gap of at least 1/8 of an inch between the grate and the blade. The Trimbox can then be powered up by plugging the unit in and turning on at the mains supply.

Using the Trimbox:
The Trimbox is designed for use with freshly harvested material. Never attempt to use this product with dried plant matter! To get the best out of the Trimbox, leave harvested material on the branch. Use the length of the branch to hold plant materials just above the grate, using a twisting motion to ensure even trimming. The suction of the flaps will pull leaf matter in towards the blades, removing leaves in the process, while the grate preserves the integrity of the required plant parts. Never apply pressure to the grate, as doing so could potentially cause it to contact the spinning blade and could also damage plant materials that you would otherwise wish to preserve.

By altering the angle of the blade flaps, you can increase or decrease the level of air displacement under the grate, altering the amount of suction drawing the leaf matter toward the blades. When the flaps are adjusted to sit at more of an angle, they produce extra suction. To gain access to the blades, unscrew each of the three plastic nuts on the face of the grate in to remove it. Once removed, the blades can be adjusted by hand by bending with gentle pressure.

Sharpening the blades:
Loosen the screw located on the side of the aluminium hub that houses the blades. This hub sits on top of the drive shaft and should always be removed in one piece. Give the blades a thorough clean using isopropyl alcohol. Once any residue is removed, use a grindstone to sharpen. Do so by moving the blade along the grindstone at your desired angle in a ‘left to right – right to left’ motion. The Trimbox can then be re-assembled by re-attaching the blades and hub so that the blocking screw on the side of the hub faces towards the straight edge of the drive shaft. Then, use the three plastic nuts to fit the Trimbox back to the Workstation’s grate.

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