Trimpro Automatik

Trimpro Automatik

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Trimpro Automatik

Automated Trimming Machine

The Automatik works on an innovative system of doorways that are used to move produce through different stages of the trimming process, maximising efficiency, effectiveness and safety at all times. An impressive piece of engineering.

  • Trimpro – Original and Best
  • Trims large quantities of material in no time at all!
  • Innovative sliding doorway system
  • Four large tempered steel blades
  • A doddle to use
  • Runs extra quiet
  • Extremely efficient and reliable
  • Aluminium frame and steel grate


1 x Trimpro Automatik Unit

Width: 622mm (24.5")
Length: 533mm (21")
Height: 1041mm (41")

35.8kg (79lb)

How the Trimpro Automatik Works:

The basic principle of the Automatik is the same as other Trimpro units: a rotating set of blades sits underneath a grate. A flap is attached to each of these blades and the spinning movement creates air displacement, which generates suction. The suction pulls excess leaves towards the spinning blades while the rest of the produce is protected by the grate.

Though every product in the Trimpro range has gained a reputation for quality, effectiveness and reliability, the Automatik is certainly one of the standout models. It features a three-phase motor with a speed dimmer for complete control over the rate at which plant material is trimmed. What really distinguishes the Automatik is its sealed chamber with clear plastic top covers and rubber fasteners. In this sealed chamber, the motion of the flaps creates an intense whirlwind effect. This whirlwind effect drives harvested produce around the chamber, leading to a finished product with a perfectly even trim.

The Automatik uses an innovative system of doorways which are opened and closed at different stages to guide plant materials through the system. The first set of doors is for the filling chamber, which accommodates exactly the right amount of plant material that can be trimmed at any one, optimizing the process from the very beginning. Simply fill up this chamber, turn the motor on and use the sliding door to drop the produce into the main trimming chamber. Once enough leaves have been removed, open the exit doors and the materials will drop down into the black exit tube.

The design of the Automatik also helps to ensure the user's safety at all times – because the unit is covered, there's a greatly reduced chance of fingers or other precious body parts making contact with the tempered steel blades when the motor is running.

How to use the Trimpro Automatik

The Trimpro Automatik is designed for use with freshly harvested material. Never attempt to use this product with dried plant matter! Whereas other trimmers in the Trimpro range are designed to be used with plant materials on the branch, the Automatik trims pre-cut produce in bundles, which are placed in the loading chamber. The loading chamber houses exactly the right quantity of material for the trimming chamber, so that the maximum quantity can be trimmed at any one time without ever compromising on quality and evenness. Slide the clear plastic cover of the loading chamber to one side in order to gain access, place plant materials inside until filled and replace the slider.

Plug the machine in and turn it on using the switch located on the black box that sits on the front of the unit and adjust the motor to 100% of its speed using the dial. With the blades now in action, plant material can be dropped into the chamber. Gradually slide the door on the underside of the loading chamber outwards to allow the plant material to drop into the trimming chamber, then slide the door back into place. With the materials in the trimming chamber, the motor can then be adjusted down to the user specified level. The whirlwind effect generated by the flaps will continue to drive the material around the trimming chamber, creating a perfectly evenly trimmed end product.

The manufacturer suggests leaving produce in the chamber for 1 to 3 minutes, though this is really a matter of personal preference. It is important that the first few runs are very carefully monitored to ensure that produce is not left in the trimming chamber for too long, and for the user to gain a good feel for how the machine runs. Once everything is trimmed to your satisfaction, turn the motor back up to 100% speed and open up the first exit door that sits between the trimming chamber and the black exit tube. With the motor on full, any plant materials will be driven into the exit tube, ready for collection. As soon as the chamber is empty and all produce is in the exit tube, the motor can be switched off. A final exit slider sits at the bottom of the exit tube. Have a bucket or other means of collection handy before opening this final door to gain access to the end product.

If you wish to sharpen the four Trimpro Automatik blades, remove the screws located on the side of the aluminium hub that houses them. This hub sits on top of the drive shaft and should always be removed with the blades / flaps in one complete piece. Give the blades a thorough clean using isopropyl alcohol. Once any residue is removed, use a grindstone to sharpen. Do so by moving the blade along the grindstone at your desired angle in a 'left to right – right to left' motion. Then replace the hub and blades as one unit in the same fashion as they were removed.