Top Climate - Water-Cooled Grow Room Air Conditioning Unit

Top Climate - Water-Cooled Grow Room Air Conditioning Unit

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Top Climate - Water-Cooled Grow Room Air Conditioning Unit

Top Climate - Silent Operation and Quality Components

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The Top Climate gives you a way of controlling your indoor environment and keep it perfect all year round.

The key to the most successful grows is, and always has been, getting the environment just right. Of course the combination of a heater and an extraction system certainly helps but in the heart of winter or summer it can be almost impossible to keep temperatures and humidity levels exactly right for your plants.

The Top Climate Elite 6000 in a closed room system is a great solution to this problem. The unit contains a heater, an air conditioner and a dehumidifier which will keep your grow environment near to perfect. It removes the need for extraction systems and separate heaters. The unit uses water to cool the air to reduce electricity consumption down to a minimum.

  • Incorporates a cooling, heating and dehumidifying solution all in one unit
  • Gives your plants the perfect environment for optimal growth speed and yields
  • Very quiet
  • Features separate settings for Daytime and Nigh time
  • Easy to use controller with 5 metre cable
  • Available in single phase or 3 phase electricity supplies

This unit allows you to tap into the secret of great grows - a great environment! Plants grow fastest and give their biggest yields when they are not too hot, not too cold and the humidity is just right. The top climate maintains the right temperature and humidity to ensure you get the very best out of your plants, whatever the weather.

Designed for closed room systems, there is no need for an extraction system or a separate dehumidifier. Simply set up your desired Daytime temperature, Nightime temperature and the Top Climate will heat, cool and dehumidify the air to keep the environment in the sweet spot.

The Top Climate uses less water and electricity compared to its rivals meaning that it helps keep costs down. Also, it is relatively simple to install. Just connect a water supply and drain, electricity and set the day and night temperatures.

However, you will almost certainly need to use CO2 supplementation along with these units. Plants will use up all the CO2 in a closed room system and they need CO2 to be able to photosynthesise. To keep your plants growing properly in the optimised environment then CO2 will need to be added back into the air.

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