Insect Catcher Pack Of 5

Insect Catcher Pack Of 5

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Insect Catcher Pack Of 5

Insect Catcher Pack of 5

A pack of 5 traditional sticky insect catchers. Insect Catchers are a highly attractive colour to insects and help control greenfly, blackfly, whitefly and midges in your garden. Great for general pest control and catching insects for identification.

  • Helps control flying insects in your grow-room
  • Simple and effective
  • Highly attractive colour to insects
  • Catches flies and other insects for control and identification
  • Each sheet lasts up to 8 weeks – very economical.
  • Includes 3 re-usable hanging looks


1 pack of 5 sticky insect catchers + 3 re-usable hanging hooks

How Insect Catchers Work:

Insect Catchers are easy-to-use use sheets with a highly sticky coating which traps and holds insects on contact. Insect Catchers are a coloured aureola-yellow which is irresistible to most types of flying insect. The sticky coating lasts for about 8 weeks in normal temperature conditions which makes these Insect Catchers very economical. Insect Catchers have a row of perforations at each end making them easy to hang with their own supplied hooks. Insect Catchers are made of biodegradable material and can be part of an organic pest control program.

How to use Insect Catchers:

Hold the trap at the ends and peel off the backing paper from both sides. One of the supplied hooks can be used to easily hang the Insect Catcher from a suspended pole or hook. Use Insect Catcher at 2 meter intervals for effective insect control. Replace Insect Catchers every 8 weeks or more frequently in temperatures exceeding 25C. Insect Catchers are completely bio-degradable and can be safely thrown away with household rubbish.