The One Stop Expert Grow Kit - 2 x Gavita 750w & 315w CDM
  • One stop gavita expert kit
  • Replacing de lamp

The One Stop Expert Grow Kit - 2 x Gavita 750w & 315w CDM

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The One Stop Expert Grow Kit - 2 x Gavita 750w & 315w CDM
  • One stop gavita expert kit
  • Replacing de lamp

Delivers Massive Yields and Connoiseur-Grade Produce!

Please Note -The tent included in this kit is currently unavailable, pre-order yours now to get it as soon as it lands (expected week commencing 04/01/2021)

Our goal with this kit was to spec the ultimate 1.2m x 2.4m grow-room set-up - one that will allow you to absolutely smash your targets in terms of both quality and yield. We’ve included everything you need to grow to a professional standard including: 2 x 750w Gavita Pro fixtures, CDM supplementary lighting, a custom Baseline Tray dripper system, Systemair Revolution Vector fans with a Rhino Pro filter, and a Bluelab Guardian pH and EC meter. All of this is housed inside a premium BudBox Pro grow tent.


2 x Gavita Pro 750w fixtures
1 x 315w CDM kit with wide angle reflector (with contactor and timer)
1 x 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m White BudBox Pro grow tent
1 x Custom 6-Pot Baseline Tray Dripper System
1 x Gavita EL1 lighting controller
1 x 8” Revolution Vector
1 x 6” Revolution Vector
5 metres of 6" Combi Ducting
5 metres of 8" Combi Ducting
1 x Rhino Pro Filter 200/600
1 x GAS Digital Fan Speed Controller
1 x GAS Balancer
1 x Bluelab Connect and Bluelab USB stick
1 x 8-Way Powerbox
4 x sets of CarboAir Rope Ratchets

Recommended Additional Purchases

Media and nutrientspH and EC control

About The One Stop Expert Grow Kit

The Baseline Tray Dripper System

We’ve included a complete recirculating dripper system that consists of Baseline Trays, IWS Brain, Superoots Air-Pots, an Aquaking 2007 pump and a 100 litre Flexi Tank.

Gavita Lighting

2 x 750w Gavita Pro fixtures – the most efficient HPS lighting on the market and built to a higher spec than any other HPS light in the industry. These 400v commercial grade fixtures have been adapted for home users to run from standard, single phase mains supplies. They run at higher frequencies than regular HPS lights and deliver bigger and better yields when compared to standard HPS systems, and all without using any extra power. We’ve teamed these lights up with an EL1 controller unit, which will allow you to program your daylight cycles from a central point and take advantage of features like sunset / sunrise mode (which mimics the sun) and auto-dim (which reduces your lighting output, should your temps ever get too high), keeping your plants photosynthesising at the highest possible rates at all times.

Maxibright Daylight Horizon CDM Kit

The Gavita lighting we’ve included in this kit will pull in the big yields, but to increase the quality of the crop even further, we’ve included a CDM kit and wide-angle reflector. CDM lamps feature broader spectrums and a little UV-A and UV-B, which mimics natural sunlight. This helps to keep intermodal length short, giving you more flowering sites in a smaller area, and it also increases levels of essential oil, for an end-product with pungent smells and intense flavours.

Revolution Vector Fans

This kit features a lot of cutting edge lighting, so, in order to ensure that your grow room conditions stay optimal at all times, we’ve included a complete Revolution Vector intake and extraction system, built by Systemair. Anybody who’s ever used a Systemair RVK will tell you that the build quality is unsurpassed. We’ve sold thousands of them and returns are practically non-existent. Imagine taking that build quality and combining it with the latest digital technology and what you end up with is truly the Rolls Royce of fan systems. We’ve included a GAS fan speed controller and a balancer unit - you can auto-regulate your fans from 1% to 100% with no buzzing or humming.

Vectors are the most efficient fans on the market. If you set your Vector to run at, say, 5%, you’ll get exactly 5% of the airflow and it will use exactly 5% of the power – no other fan system can match this!

Bluelab Guardian Connect

The Bluelab Guardian monitors the pH and EC levels and temperature levels of your nutrient solution in real time. We’ve bundled it with a wireless USB receiver, so you can keep tabs on your nutrients while you’re on the move by accessing encrypted data via the cloud. 

How to Use this Kit

Check out the One Stop Blog for information on how to set up your grow tent, a guide to installing grow room extraction, and a rundown on how to set up your grow light. You'll also find information on fitting double-ended lamps.

Please note:
Ensure that you follow manufacturer's guidelines when fitting your double ended lamp, as incorrect fitting will result in damage. This damage is NOT covered under the manufacturer's warranty.