The Equalizer Heat Shield Diffuser

The Equalizer Heat Shield Diffuser

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The Equalizer Heat Shield Diffuser

Please Note - This is a discontinued and discounted item and as such may have slight cosmetic damage and may not come with original instructions or packaging. However, it will be fully working.

Get your Grow Light Closer with The Equalizer!

The Equalizer Hot Spot Diffuser prevents light and heat from your grow lamp from directly hitting your plants. If your plants have grown too close to your grow lamp, then the excessive light and heat can cause damage to them. The equalizer sits directly below your grow lamp. The mesh tube diverts the heat and light towards the reflector where it spread more evenly. Many growers use a diffuser as a matter of course, in order to achieve a more even light footprint.

  • Reduces light hitting your plants directly from your grow lamp
  • Prevents Hot Spots underneath your lamp
  • Creates a better spread of light and more even footprint
  • Easy to fit - simply clips on to the lamp holder
  • Allows your reflector to be hung closer to the canopy


1x Equalizer Hot Spot Diffuser

How the Equaliser Hot Spot Diffuser works:

The Equalizer Hot Spot Diffuser is a reflective mesh tube with a clip at one end which allows it to be easily fitted to an E40 "Mogul" type lamp holder which is found in almost all single-ended reflectors. When fitted, the heat and the light which emanates directly from the bottom of the lamp is scattered and reflected upwards towards the reflector. The Equalizer is excellent for improving the spread of light and diffusing the heat coming directly from your grow lamp. It's just the job for when your plants have grown a bit too tall or if you want more light to hit the outermost parts of your grow-space.