SMSCom Temperature Sensor 5.0m

SMSCom Temperature Sensor 5.0m

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SMSCom Temperature Sensor 5.0m

SMSCom Temperature Sensor 5.0m

This Temperature Sensor replaces or upgrades the two metre sensor supplied with your SMSCom Fan Speed Controller. The additional length over standard two metre versions adds much more flexibility when positioning your Fan Speed Controller, especially in larger grow rooms.

  • 5.0m long temperature sensor
  • Great for larger grow rooms
  • Easy to install

The SMSCom Temperature Sensor Contains

1 x five metre long temperature probe

How the SMSCom Temperature Sensor Works:

SMSCom Fan Speed Controllers regulate the amount of air extracted from the grow area by increasing or decreasing the output of in-line duct fans at any given time to maintain a user specified climate. The temperature probe is placed near the canopy of your plants, and sends highly accurate data to the on-board computer inside the SMSCom unit, in order for it to make suitable adjustments. At 5.0 metres long, this sensor (otherwise referred to as the temperature probe) provides a lot more flexibility than the 2.0 metre version supplied as standard with many SMSCom units. Those with larger indoor gardens have the freedom to position the sensor anywhere they choose in the grow area and mount the controller itself in the most convenient place.

How to use the SMSCom Temperature Sensor:

Electrical work should only ever be carried out by a technically competent person. Do not attempt to peform this process without the required training and experience. This guide details how to use this item with the 4.5amp SMSCom Pro.

Position your SMSCom on a flat surface. Remove the 4 screws that sit in each corner of the fascia.

Locate the connector block that’s wired up to the original temperature sensor and make a note of which coloured wire goes into which section of the connector block. Loosen the screws and remove the two wires.

Loosen the electrical sealing gland on the bottom of the unit that secures the sensor in place and pull the original temperature sensor through, removing it altogether.

Thread the brown and white wires of the new 5.0m temperature sensor through the sealing gland and into the unit itself. Screw them into the connector block so that they match the wiring of the original sensor.

Tighten the sealing gland back up to secure the sensor wire in place, leaving enough slack to comfortably refit the front panel. Screw the front panel back in place.

All SMSCom products come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty starting from the date purchased. The warranty consists of a 1-year direct replacement term and a further 4-year warranty on repairs, which you can take advantage of by visiting the SMSCom website. To receive the full term of your warranty, you must be able to provide proof of purchase.

From September 1st 2016, all products will be supplied with a warranty registration card containing a unique number. To activate your warranty, you'll need to visit and fill in the registration form. If this procedure is not followed, then the date of manufacture becomes the leading date for your warranty.