Tank Connector (Straight) - Irrigation Fitting

Tank Connector (Straight) - Irrigation Fitting

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Tank Connector (Straight) - Irrigation Fitting

Ensure a Solid Connection with a Straight Tank Connector

The Straight Tank Connector fits into any water butt or reservoir with a predrilled 25mm hole and an be used to easily connect one water butt to another. It also comes in handy to connect various hydroponic systems with 25mm fittings together, such as IWS Systems.  

  • Ensures a tight and well fitted connection between reservoirs and water butts
  • Can be used to connect one reservoir to another in a straight line
  • Pairs perfectly with other 25mm Irrigation Fittings


1 x Tank Connector (Straight)

How the Tank Connector (Straight) works:

When dealing with larger hydroponic systems, existing water butts and reservoirs can require additional units for water storage. The Straight Tank Connector allows you to connect two water butts in sequence, allowing water to flow between them. The Straight Tank Connector also allows you to connect directly to other 25mm irrigation fittings, such as those used in IWS Systems, creating a tight seal and feeding a system directly.

How to use the Tank Connector (Straight)

The Tank Connector (Straight) can be used with any water butts or reservoirs with a 25mm gauge hole. Firstly, you will need to fully unscrew the plastic nut at one end, then thread through into the water butt, primed for connection. If you are using the Tank Connector to attach directly to a IWS System for example, repeat the same process.

Once you are happy with the connection, simply re-attach the plastic nut and screw in tightly. The supplied rubber grommet will ensure a water tight seal.