Synergy Neutralizer - The Road Kit
  • 40540 synergy neutralizer   the road kit
  • 40550 refill

Synergy Neutralizer - The Road Kit


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Complete Neutralizer Road Kit (Add: £25.50)

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Synergy Neutralizer - The Road Kit
  • 40540 synergy neutralizer   the road kit
  • 40550 refill

Tackles Unwanted Odours When You're on the Move

The Neutralizer Road Kit takes the powerful smell-killing abilities of the Synergy Neutralizer system and brings it to your car. It will keep your vehicle smelling fresh and clean, no matter what odours you encounter on your travels!

  • Completely destroys smells within 5-10 minutes
  • Utilises electronic molecule evaporator (EME) technology
  • Conveniently plugs into your dashboard's 12-volt lighter socket
  • Highly concentrated solution - lasts for 90 days (at one hour per day)
  • Comes with a foam adapter, allowing it to fit snuggly inside a cup holder
  • Uses natural essential oils to generate a genuinely pleasing scent


Choose between a complete kit (with 20ml liquid) or a 20ml refill using the dropdown menu above.

How The Road Kit Works

The Road Kit utilises the same electronic molecule evaporator (EME) technology found in the Synergy Neutralizer, which has been shown to outperform most of the other odour control products on the market, winning it numerous awards at industry events. Unlike the regular version, The Road Kit comes with an adapter that's capable of running from the lighter socket in your car, making it great for use on the move.

Don't be fooled by the size of the refills; they contain powerful essential oils that last a LONG time. Essential oils are refined from large quantities of material; a single millilitre may take many kilograms of plant matter to produce. The Road Kit destroys odours within 5-10 minutes, and a 20ml bottle will run for 90 hours plus! This is not something that you need to be running 24/7.

How to Use The Road Kit

To run the unit, all you need to do is insert the liquid bottle into the bottom of the unit and then plug it into the 12-volt lighter socket on your dashboard. It comes with a foam adapter, so that the device can fit comfortably inside a cup holder.


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