SunKing Aero 8 - Silver Cooltube Reflector (Fits Ecotechnics Cool Shade)

SunKing Aero 8 - Silver Cooltube Reflector (Fits Ecotechnics Cool Shade)

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SunKing Aero 8 - Silver Cooltube Reflector (Fits Ecotechnics Cool Shade)

Please note: our 5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch Cool Shades have recently been updated to newer models. Due to a slight size difference, they are unfortunately no longer compatible with the Sunking Aero 8.

SunKing Aero 8 - Silver Cool Shade Reflector

Maximise the effectiveness of your air-cooled lighting with a SunKing Aero 8. The Aero 8 is designed to fit straight over your existing 5 inch or 6 inch Cool Shade, giving you the same temperature control benefits combined with the uniform light spread of a SunKing reflector.

  • Maximises the effectiveness of your Cool Shade
  • Superb, uniform light spread
  • Premium grade components
  • Eliminates hotspots in the grow area
  • Highly reflective hammer-tone finish
  • Fits both 5 inch and 6 inch Cool Shade models


5 x reflector leaf panels, 1 x bag of assorted nuts, bolts and washers, 2 x brackets
(bulb, ballast and Cool Shade supplied separately)

How the SunKing Aero 8 Works:

Cool shades are great for moving the hot air that accumulates around your lamp away from the grow area and lowering overall temperatures, but the supplied reflectors tend to produce intense light directly underneath the lamp that drops off quite sharply as you move away from the central area. SunKing Aero 8 reflectors attach directly to the top of your existing cool shade to create a much more even light spread around the canopy, adding consistency and eliminating hotspots. These effects are greatly enhanced by the 95% reflective silver hammer-tone finish.

What marks out SunKing products from cheap alternatives on the market is the high-quality feel of their components - the Aero 8 is engineered from materials that won't degrade quickly (reducing efficiency) like those of its competitors, delivering excellent results consistently over long periods of time.

How to Use the SunKing Aero 8:

First, organise the four main leaf panels so that the two sections with circular cut-outs (designed to fit over the cool shade) are facing opposite each other. The panels can then be secured together using the supplied nuts and bolts. Once the main body of the reflector is complete, flip the structure over and fit the top panel with four more sets of nuts and bolts. The two brackets can then be fitted – flip the structure over again and look for the two holes just above the two circular cut-outs either side and bolt the brackets in place.

If your cool shade is fitted with an internal reflector, this will need to be removed before fitting the Aero 8. To do this, loosen the two eyelet bolts (used to attach the hangers) either side of the cool shade, then loosen the cable gland located directly underneath the lamp holder. The lamp holder and internal reflector can then be removed from the tube. Gently feed the cable through the loosened gland as you do so to avoid damaging the wiring. The internal reflector must then be cut away from the rest of the unit, as it cannot be unscrewed. This MUST be done a technically proficient person, with full safety equipment.

Once the internal reflector has been cut away, push the lamp holder, along with the spine that held the internal reflector, back inside the Cool Shade until the holes in the spine line up with the eyelet holes on the Cool Shade and screw the two eyelet bolts back in place to secure everything back in place.

Hang the Cool Shade over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height using easy rolls, jack chains or rope ratchets. Holding your lamp with a clean cloth, insert it into the E40 bulb-holder and screw it in very firmly. Clean the glass with a cloth and connect the Cool Shade to suitably sized ducting using duct clips. It is recommended that, if possible, the extractor fan should be connected on the inlet side of the Cool Tube so that it blows cold air through it rather than on the outlet side sucking hot air out, which may reduce the lifespan of your extractor fan.

Plug the lead from the Cool Shade into an appropriate ballast for HPS/MH type bulbs or an IEC (kettle type) mains lead for fluorescent type bulbs and switch on.

Once your Cool Shade is hung and properly ventilated, the reflector can then be fitted easily to the top of the unit. Slide the lower section of each of the reflectors brackets underneath the eyelets on the Cool Shade and the reflector will sit perfectly in place.

Warning: When HID lamps are switched on they run extremely hot. As with all high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs it is necessary to avoid touching the lamp with anything such as fingers or plants as this may cause severe burns or fires. In particular avoid sprays or liquids coming into contact with the lamp as this may cause premature failure or even an explosion.

Height: 170mm (6.7")
Width: 650mm (25.6")
Length: 650mm (25.6")

Weight (reflector only): 600g (1.32lb)