Sun System AC/DE Air-Cooled Reflector (8")

Sun System AC/DE Air-Cooled Reflector (8")

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Sun System AC/DE Air-Cooled Reflector (8")

Sun System AC/DE Air-Cooled Reflector (8") 

This super effective Sun System AC/DE air-cooled reflector does a fantastic job at maintaining the temperature of your grow room. It is specifically designed to allow removal of any heat that is generated by the lamp, without cooling the lamp lower than adequate operating temperature.

  • Double ended lamp reflector, with detachable 15” lamp cord
  • Premium quality
  • Fantastic uniformity and reflectivity
  • Hinged glass makes it easier to clean lamp, and remove smudges from glass
  • Focuses on the red component for increased photosynthetic response
  • Value for money
  • Flexible double-ended lamp specific locking sockets
  • Designed to be used with 400v 1000w kits / lamps


1 x 8” (200mm) Sun System AC/DE Air-Cooled Reflector

Please note: this reflector can only be connected to the Adjusta-Watt E-Lite ballast, as it uses a different connector to regular ballasts. This connector is specifically designed to handle the 400v load.

How the AC/DE Air-Cooled Lighting Kit Works:

The interior of the reflector is made of 95% reflective textured German aluminium, with 98% reflective corner inserts that offer excellent output and diffusion. It is constructed with rigid galvanized steel and a durable powder coated finish. It has patented sealed optic technology which allows removal of heat that is generated by the lamp, without cooling the lamp itself.

The double ended reflector is sealed air tight, but is easily detachable so that you can access the lamp and clean the glass. Not only is it manufactured with exacting standards, but it also includes double neoprene gaskets and a Swing Stop retention cable which stops the glass casing from accidently swinging open. This double ended construction allows for maximum optical efficiency and uniformity.

This air-cooled reflector is perfect for use with double ended 1000w HPS lamps, and the connection is a specific 400v attachment designed to be used with 1000w digital ballasts. You can view our SunSystem AC/DE kit here: Sun System AC/DE Lighting Kit

How to Use the Sun AC/DE Lighting Kit:

The reflector is designed to be hung over the centre of your grow-space, at the recommended height.

The rigid construction of this double-ended design allows for longer lamp life, as the light output doesn’t degrade as quickly, and also give off higher PAR and lumen output. This leads to bigger, stronger yields over time and makes using a double-ended system incredibly cost effective as you don’t have to replace the lamp as often.

The 15' heavy duty detachable lamp cord has a quick-disconnect adapter which makes dismantling it all incredibly fast and simple. The entire system is incredibly easy to set up, and comes with instructions and hanging hooks.