Street Light PL Controller for Street Light Fixtures & Ballasts

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Fully Control up to 100 Street Light Fixtures - even from an App on your Smart Phone or Tablet

The Street Light PL Lighting Controller comes with everything you need to control up to 100 light units. The unit can be programmed to control two different rooms completely separately. Two temperature and humidity probes are supplied (one for each room) and the unit will automatically and progressively dim the lights so that they produce less heat when temperatures start getting too high. The feature packed unit boasts an easy-to-use touch-screen display and the bluetooth option allows you to control it from an App on your smart phone or tablet.

How the Street Light Controller Works

The Street Light PL Controller can control up 100 Street Light grow lights or ballasts. It can control the grow lights in 2 different rooms completely separately. It removes the need for contactors and clocks to switch the lights on and off at programmed times. Each room should only contain the same type of grow light. For example, Room 1 could contain 50 x 1000w HPS Street Lights while room 2 could contain 50 x 315w CDM Street Lights. A plug-in all-in-one temperature and humidity sensor is provided for each room. An RJ11 cable is provided for each room to connect to the first grow light in each room. Every Street Light Fixture comes with an extra RJ11 cable to daisy-chain to the next fixture in the line. Because the light fixtures themselves have 2 x RJ11 sockets, one can be used to connect to the controller and each fixture comes with an extra RJ11 cable which connects into the output socket so that the next fixture can be connected by daisy-chaining.

The controller will dim the grow lights from between 50% and 115% to reduce the grow-space temperature if it gets too warm. Lights on times and lights off times can be set for each room independently. An emergency shutdown temperature can also be set.

The main display is divided into 2 parts and shows the important information and settings in each room. It shows for each of the 2 rooms:

  • The nominal wattage of the lights in each room (e.g. 315w or 1000w)
  • The wattage and %age of nominal power that the lights are set to
  • The current temperature (in °C or °F) and also the relative humidity (%th)
  • The lights switch ON time
  • The lights switch OFF time
  • The emergency shutdown temperature

In addition to the information for each of the rooms, the bottom of the display shows the time, the temperature units (°C or °F) and a touch-screen icon for the advanced settings.

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  • Controls up to 2 rooms of lights completely separately
  • Each room can have separate switch-On and switch-Off times
  • Dims the lights automatically from between 50% to 115% to maintain temperatures
  • Sunrise and Sunset 
  • Monitors the temperature and humidity in each room with separate all-in-one sensors
  • Large full-colour touch-screen display shows all the main information at a glance
  • Clear and easy to program
  • Most of the functions can be controlled via Bluetooth with an App on your smart phone or tablet
  • Features an emergency shutdown if temps go over a preset limit
  • 2 wire connections to relays which switch Off when the temp or humidity exceed the user-set levels 
  • No more need for contactors and clocks 

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