Spectrum King 90 Degree Retro Fit Reflector for SK600

Spectrum King 90 Degree Retro Fit Reflector for SK600

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Spectrum King 90 Degree Retro Fit Reflector for SK600

Increase the Light Penetration of your Spectrum King SK600 with the 90º Add-on Reflector

The Spectrum King SK600 comes as standard with a 120º spreadwhich enables it to cover a large area efficiently. Because the spread is wide, the SK600 can be run as close to your plants as possible. However, some growers prefer to have a narrower angle beam which covers less area but concentrates the light more tightly. This Retro-Fit 90º reflector kit can be fitted to an SK600 with ease.

  • Converts a 120º Spectrum King SK600 to 90º beam angle
  • Easily fitted in a few minutes to the underside of a standard Spectrum King SK600
  • Heavily powder coated white for longevity and great reflectivity
  • Ideal for tall ceiling installations where there's plenty of space between the light and the canopy
  • Supplied with all the necessary screws and fittings
  • Perfect for greenhouse operations


1x 90º Reflector Kit for a Spectrum King SK600 + Fittings

How the 90º Retro Fit Reflector Works

The Spectrum King SK600 is a powerful full spectrum LED grow light that really delivers the goods. As standard, the SK600 has a fairly wide beam angle of 120º which allows it to cover a large area and allows it to be situated farly close to the canopy. However, in taller ceiling installations such as a greenhouse, a narrower beam angle is more appropriate.

This kit consists of 4 white powder coated flaps which can be easily fitted to an SK600 with the provided fittings. This concentrates the light into a tighter 90º beam. Because the light becomes more concentrated, once this reflector is fitted the light needs to be placed at a greater distance from the tops of the plants. This arrangement will particularly suit greenhouse installations where grow lights are usually ceiling mounted and there is plenty of headroom.

How to use the 90º Retro Fit Reflector Kit for the Spectrum King SK600

The 90º Retro Fit Reflector Kit is most easly fitted when the SK600 is not hanging. It comprises of 4 Heavy-Duty white powder-coated flaps which attach to outside of the square LED array with the screws provided.

Once the reflector kit has been fitted, the grow light can be re-hung. Ensure that the SK600 with the reflector is hung higher than it would be without the reflector. This is in order to avoid the more intense light (and slightly more concentrated heat) from causing damage to the plants.

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