Spectron LED Booster Grow Lights
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Spectron LED Booster Grow Lights

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BluVegetator (Blue)

£59.95 £59.95

Supplement the Light in the Dimmer Corners of Your Grow Space

The Spectron LED Booster Grow Lights bring an excellent solution for LED supplementary grow lighting. No grow light illuminates a grow space perfectly and evenly across the full area being used. It is almost inevitable that the brightest (and therefore the most productive) part of a grow space will be the area directly beneath the main grow light. Unfortunately, this leaves the more distant regions of the grow space (particularly the corners) deprived of enough light to be optimally productive. In the past, some growers have used fluorescent lighting in the corners to increase yields in these dimmer regions. However, CFLs and the like need to be very close to the plants to be of much use, plus the spectrum of fluorescent lights is far from ideal and the intensity from them is somewhat lacking!

Spectron have re-invented the concept of supplementary lighting with their range of 25-Watt LED Booster lights. Designed specifically to supplement your main HID grow light in the parts of the grow-space where light quantity and intensity are lacking, as the Spectrons deliver a narrow beam of intense light just where it is needed. Spectrons come in 3 spectral outputs, there's a dedicated flowering booster with a spectrum biased towards the red, a veg booster with a spectrum biased towards the blue, and a switchable one which can be used for either veg or flower.

  • Spectron - Innovators in effective LED Supplementary Grow Lighting
  • The Spectron BluVegetator version provides a mostly blue spectrum for vegging, either as a standalone light for one small plant or as supplementary lighting in a larger area using more plants
  • The Spectron FRPenetrator version provides a mostly red spectrum, ideal for use as a supplementary light in the corners of your flowering area
  • The Spectron SmartBooster version is switchable between a blue and a red spectrum so it can be used for both veg or flowering.
  • Low power consumption, using only 25W each!
  • Light is concentrated into a narrow beam (30º for BluVegetator and FRPenetrator, 45º for the switchable SmartBooster) for high intensity
  • Can greatly increase productivity and growth speed


1 x Spectron 25W LED Grow Light. Either in Red Spectrum, Blue Spectrum, or Switchable Blue / Red Spectrum


Spectron BluVegetator & FRPenetrator Size & Weight: Diameter 100mm, Height 145mm, Weight 550 grams

Spectron SmartBooster Size & Weight: Diameter 115mm, Height 165mm, Weight 730 grams

Cable length: 240cm

Power Consumption (all types): 25 Watts

How the Spectron LED Grow Light Works:

The Spectron LED grow lights are small units which are designed to concentrate their light into a relatively narrow beam to create an intense area of light below. This is ideal for boosting the light in the darker corners of a grow space:

There are 3 versions:

The BluVegetator
As the name suggests, the light spectrum output of the BluVegetator is heavily biased towards the blue end of the spectrum which, stimulates an optimum vegetative plant growth pattern, encouraging bushy growth, thick stems and short internodes. The spectrum also includes a little of the rest of the spectrum which is known to be beneficial for plant health:

Spectron BluVegegator LED Grow Light Spectrum Output with McCree Curve Overlay

How the Spectron BluVegegator PPFD varies with Height

The BluVegetator can work as a propagation light over a small propagator, or as a veg light over a small-medium plant. However, it really comes into its own used as supplementary veg lighting in the corners of a large veg tent along with a central MH, CDM or other type of main grow light.

The beam angle of the BluVegetator is just 30º meaning, the light produced is concentrated into an intense beam. This means that for cuttings and seedlings, it needs to be hung at a height of around a metre or more to avoid overloading and damaging the plants while they are in this delicate stage. For larger, more established vegging plants this height can be reduced down to around 60cm.

The FRPenetrator
This unit concentrates the bulk of its light into the red region of the spectrum which, is the most productive colour when plants are in the flowering or fruiting stage but, leaves plenty of the rest of the spectrum to ensure plants remain healthy and robust. There is also the inclusion of some far-red light which, increases flavonoid and essential oil production. The FRPenetrators are best used as supplementary grow lights in the corners of the grow area where the light intensity from a HID light is much less.

Spectron FRPenetrator Grow Light Spectrum with McCree Curve Overlay

How the Spectron FRPenetrator PPFD Varies with Height

The beam of the FRPenetrator is concentrated into an angle of just 30º which means that although the unit only consumes 25 watts of power, they still produce an intense, penetrating light that will certainly improve yields by a significant amount. In fact, the manufacturer claims that when these are used as supplementary lights in all the corners of a grow space along with a 400W HPS, the yields will be same as with a 600W HPS on its own. However, the Spectron FRPenetrator and 400W HPS combination gives you a 100W power saving!

Used as suggested, the FRPenetrator is best hung at a height of around 60cm.

The SmartBooster 
This versatile LED grow light is slightly larger in size and a little heavier due to the inclusion of both the blue LEDs used in the BluVegegator and red LEDs used in the FRPenetrator making this an all-rounder 2-in-1 unit. A switch on the top of the unit allows the user to choose whether to power the red LEDs, the blue LEDs or turn the unit off. The spectral output is exactly the same as the other 2 Spectron lights, depending on which setting is selected. The SmartBooster uses 25 watts in either of the ON positions, but the beam angle is 45º, wider than the BluVegegator or the FRPenetrator.

The chart on the left shows how PPFD varies with height in Flowering / Fruiting mode.

The chart on the right shows how PPFD varies with height in Vegetative mode.

How the Spectron SmartBooster PPFD Varies with Height

The wider beam angle creates a larger usable grow area beneath it at a given hanging height. This does come at the expense of some intensity. However, it also means that this great little led grow light can be hung lower - around 80cm for cuttings and clones, around 50cm for vegging plants and as low down as 30-40cm for flowering / fruiting plants.

How to Use the Spectron LED Grow Light:

The Spectron LED Grow Light boosters were designed to work alongside an HID grow light to boost the light in the corners of the grow space or grow tent, where the HID light tends to be lacking. In these circumstances, they are most effective when hung in the corners at about a height of 50-60cm (for the BluVegetator and the FRPenetrator) or at a height of about 40-50cm for the switchable SmartBooster.

How Spectron LED Boosters are best used as supplementary lighting

The Spectrons feature a convenient hanging bracket on the top so that the units can be hung by a rope ratchet, chain or other method.

The mains power lead connects into the top of the Spectrons via a small 2-way connector. To use this, the plug is oriented so that the nodule inside the Spectron connector lines up with the gap on the outside of the connector on the power lead and then it is pushed in, guarding against incorrect polarity. Once pushed in, a couple of turns on the locking thumbwheel on the outside of the connector keeps it in place and ensures against accidental disconnection. All of the Spectron LED Grow Lights use the same power lead and connector which makes them an absolute doddle to swap out should you want to change the colour spectrum during a grow.

Although the Spectrons intended use is as a supplementary lighting with an primary HID lighting source, the Spectrons could be used as standalone units for a small-medium size plant. Bear in mind that if they are to be used for this purpose the intensity of the light and the narrow beam angle means that caution needs to observed. Make sure they are not hung to close to the plants which, could cause light damage and  compromise overall coverage.

How Spectron LED Boosters can be used as standalone grow lights

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