Snoop's Nutrients - Radical Roots 1L

Snoop's Nutrients - Radical Roots 1L

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Snoop's Nutrients - Radical Roots 1L

Scientifically developed to create a huge, healthy root system!

Roots are the powerhouse of a plant. A big, healthy root system will provide more water and nutrients for the rest of the plant. Snoop Dogg's Radical Roots is formulated to cause frenzied root growth. The resulting big, healthy root system can then meet the all the plants' needs to produce a bumper harvest.

  • Snoop's Premium Nutrients - designed to produce massive, quality crops that are second to none.
  • Creates a huge, healthy root system
  • Increases a plant's drought resistance
  • Helps plants to deal with heat stress
  • Use from the start to the finish of the grow
  • Use with Snoop's Premium Nutrients for an awesome harvest


1 Litre of Snoop's Premium Nutrients Radical Roots


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How Snoop's Radical Roots works

Roots are the foundation of fantastic yields and great quality crops. Radical Roots promotes the development of a huge, strong root system. that can satisfy all the needs of a plant.

How to use Snoop's Radical Roots

This booster is designed to be used right the way through the grow from start to finish.

Make up your feed water as usual and add 1-2ml of Radical Roots for each litre. As with all nutrients and boosters, add each nutrient part (or booster) one at a time, and then give the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Snoop's Premium Nutrients Radical Roots NPK: 0 - 0 - 0.04

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