Snoop's Nutrients - Circulating Bloom A&B 1L HW

Snoop's Nutrients - Circulating Bloom A&B 1L HW

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Snoop's Nutrients - Circulating Bloom A&B 1L HW

Scientifically developed for perfect plant nutrition and the best crops!

Snoop Dogg demands only the very finest quality crops possible. To produce this, only the very best nutrients for his plants will do. Snoop's Premium Nutrients have been developed from the ground up to provide perfect nutrition for plants which, in turn, produces the very finest crops. Due to the way that roots work, the macronutrients (N, P, and K) in a feed are absorbed at different rates. Snoop's premium nutrients take account of this fact and deliver an optimum nutrient profile to ensure your plants are fed perfectly. This bloom nutrient promotes an exuberant, healthy bloom phase which for huge harvests of the finest quality.

  • Snoop's Premium Nutrients - Designed to produce crops that are second to none.
  • Formulated for Recirculating systems such as NFT or Flood & Drain
  • Change out the reservoir twice a week for superb results
  • Optimised for Hard Water areas
  • Works together with plants' roots to provide perfect nutrition
  • Use in the bloom phase for heavy harvests of the finest quality


1 Litre each of Part A and Part B of Snoop's Premium Bloom Nutrient for Recirculating Systems in Hard Water areas

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How Snoop's Premium Nutrients work

There's a whole lot of science that goes into designing the perfect plant nutrient. Plants do not absorb the different components in a nutrient at the same rate (particularly, different forms of Nitrogen). To produce the best quality crops possible, plants need to be supplied with everything they need consistently. To do this effectively, the type of nutrient and the ratios in a feed need to be perfected to ensure everything is always available. Snoop's Premium Nutrients have been developed with the science of plant nutrient absorption in mind, to make sure that plants get the optimum nutrient profile all the time.

The nutrient profile of the feed water in a recirculating system changes quite quickly because certain nutrients (particularly Nitrogen) are absorbed quickly. Others, such as Magnesium, are absorbed slowly. After a few days, the nutrient solution will become unbalanced with very little Nitrogen left in it. Because of this, to maintain superb plant growth, Snoop's Nutrients recommend you change out the nutrient solution in a recirculating system every 3 days.

Snoop's Bloom nutrient for recirculating systems has been developed to provide exactly the right ratios of nutrients in a recirculating hydroponics type system. This version has been formulated to be used with hard water.

How to use Snoop's Premium Bloom Nutrients for Recirculating systems

This nutrient is designed to be used in Recirculating type systems such as NFT or Flood and Drain. It has also been designed to provide the perfect nutrient profile when used with hard water.

Use Snoop's Premium Bloom nutrient for the bloom phase from week 3 onwards. In the 2nd week of the bloom use half the usual dose of Grow nutrient and half the usual dose of Bloom nutrient. From week 3 onwards, use just the Bloom nutrient.

For recirculating systems, Snoop's Nutrients recommend you change the nutrient solution in your reservoir every 3 days to maintain optimum growth and plant health.

To make up your feed water, add up to 3ml of Part A and 3ml of Part B for each litre (1.5ml/litre for the 2nd week of Bloom along with 1.5ml/litre of Snoop's Grow nutrient). Always use equal amounts of Part A and Part B to avoid an unbalanced nutrient solution. As with all nutrients and boosters, add each nutrient part (or booster) one at a time, and then give the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Snoop's Premium Recirculating Bloom Part A NPK: 3.5 - 0 - 0
Snoop's Premium Recirculating Bloom Part B NPK: 0.07 - 2.5 - 6.5

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