SMSCom All-In-One 4-Way Hybrid Switchbox
  • 4 way hybrid
  • 2 temp

SMSCom All-In-One 4-Way Hybrid Switchbox

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SMSCom All-In-One 4-Way Hybrid Switchbox
  • 4 way hybrid
  • 2 temp

SMSCom All-In-One 4-Way Hybrid Switchbox

The 4-way Switchbox takes care of 4 x 600w lights, 1 x intake fan, 1 x extractor fan and 1 x heater from a single easy-to-use unit. Its built-in fan speed controller is a hybrid, which eliminates the humming and buzzing and sounds that can sometimes be generated when using a standard digital fan speed controller.

  • Comprehensive controller system
  • No wiring required - plug and play!
  • Full hybrid fan speed controller - no more humming or buzzing sounds
  • Great for use with Isomax fans - recommended by the manufacturers
  • Maximum fan speed setting for using oversized fans
  • Supplies power to fans, lights and heaters
  • Pre-fitted with wooden board for easy wall-mounting
  • Powered through two separate cables
  • Built-in heavy-duty Grasslin Timer
  • Switches up to 4 x 600w HID grow lights
  • Cuts power to the lights if temperatures rise above your selected level
  • 2 x temperature probes (one for the fans and one for the cut-off switch)
  • Regulates the output of your intake and extractor fans (up to 1200w)
  • Turns a heater on during the lights-off period (up to 2400w)
  • Ideal for use with a 2.4m x 2.4m x 2m tent set-up


1 x controller unit with 2 x temperature probes, 2 x power cables

How the SMSCom Switchbox Works:

The Switchbox fuses different items of grow room equipment together into one unit in order to control lighting, fans and a heater from a central point. This simplifies your grow room set-up, reducing the number of cables and disposing of the need for a separate contactor, timer and fan speed controller. Simply plug the Switchbox into two separate mains sockets and plug your equipment into the Switchbox. Choose your settings and you're away!

Two duct fans (intake and extraction) can also be regulated to ensure that they run optimally at all times. Just select the minimum fan speed, your maximum temperature level and the maximum fan speed. The unit comes with two temperature probes that are hung in the centre of the grow room, away from direct light. Whenever the temperature probes detect heat levels above the setting on the temperature knob, the Switchbox automatically increases the output of your duct fan to cool the room or tent down. This particular model's fan speed controller is a 5-step hybrid model, which eliminates the buzzing and humming noises that can sometimes occur when using digitial fan speed controllers.

There are lighting sockets located on each side of the Switchbox supporting up to 600 watts each. The lights can be scheduled to turn on and off at your chosen times using the built-in heavy duty Grasslin timer.

Your heater (up to 2400w watts) plugs in to the socket on the bottom of the unit and switches on automatically whenever the lights are turned off to maintain temperatures at the correct levels when the heat from your lighting system is no longer present.

If room temperatures get too high, the temp protector feature automatically switches lights off one at a time until temperature levels drop below the setting on the 'Max Temperature' knob. The lamps will then stay off for 30 minutes, after which they'll re-ignite. This helps to protect your plants from high temperatures and issues like leaf burn aswell as helping to ensure that the grow room runs safely at all times, giving you peace of mind.

How to Use the SMSCom Switchbox:

Please read the supplied instruction sheet carefully before installing the SMSCom Switchbox. Here is a quick guide. A PDF version can be found in the attachments section, just above this description.

Before plugging anything in, you will need to make sure that everything is set correctly. Set the timer to the correct time and ensure that it is switched to timer mode (as opposed to simply being switched to ‘on’ or ‘off’). The switch is located just inside the clock face. You can then control lighting schedules using the small tabs that sit just around the clock face. Tabs that are pushed outwards will turn lighting off at the corresponding times on the clock face and tabs that are pushed inwards will turn lighting on at the corresponding times on the clock face.

Choose your minimum fan speed setting (choose between steps 1-5). This will decide the output level that fans run at generally. The fan speed controller is designed to run at this level until temperatures get too high (as decided by the temperature setting), at which point the fans will run at the output specified on the maximum fan speed setting. For example, if you choose a minimum fan speed setting of 1, a temperature of 25 degrees and a maximum fan speed of 3, your duct fans will run at setting 1 until the temperature probe detects that the room has risen to 25 degrees, at which point they’ll run at setting 3.

Select the temperature for the automatic shutdown facility (in the red box in the top left hand corner). Remember that this is different from the maximum temperature on the fan speed controller. This is the temperature that you would like the room to get to before the lights are automatically shut down for safety reasons.

Plug your SMSCom Switchbox into a mains outlet using the power cables that run from the bottom of the unit. Items of grow room equipment can then be plugged into the appropriate sockets on the Switchbox. See the images located above this description for more info. Plug your heater into the socket at the bottom of the unit. The heater will switch on whenever lighting is switched off.

Check your timer again and nudge it forward if necessary, then turn the Switchbox on at the mains supply.

All SMSCom products come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty starting from the date purchased. The warranty consists of a 1-year direct replacement term and a further 4-year warranty on repairs, which you can take advantage of by visiting the SMSCom website. To receive the full term of your warranty, you must be able to provide proof of purchase.

From September 1st 2016, all products will be supplied with a warranty registration card containing a unique number. To activate your warranty, you'll need to visit and fill in the registration form. If this procedure is not followed, then the date of manufacture becomes the leading date for your warranty.