Mk1 SMSCom 16-Amp Hybrid Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller
  • 16a hybrid
  • Temp and light


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Mk1 SMSCom 16-Amp Hybrid Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller

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Mk1 SMSCom 16-Amp Hybrid Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller
  • 16a hybrid
  • Temp and light


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This fan speed controller has been updated! check out the new version here

SMSCom 16-Amp Hybrid Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller

SMSCom Hybrid Fan Speed Controllers are the simplest, quietest and most efficient way to regulate the output of in-line duct fans –just plug them into the controller, set the dials and let the on-board computer system do the rest. Hybrids completely remove many of the issues associated with other fan speed controllers, eliminating buzzing and humming noises by combining heavyweight transformers with clever digital technology.

  • SMSCom – Top quality design and engineering
  • One of the few controllers to be recommended for use with Isomax fans by their manufacturers, Can.
  • Extremely quiet - totally eliminates issues with buzzing and humming
  • Maintains a constant climate
  • Accurate temperature readings
  • Very simple to operate
  • Regulates minimum fans speeds
  • 5 metre probe cable
  • Handles a 16-amp or 3600W load
  • Supplied with a five year warranty

The SMSCom 16-Amp Hybrid Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller Contains:

1 x SMSCom 16-Amp Controller, 1 x 5m Temperature Sensor

How the SMSCom 16-Amp Hybrid Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller Works:

Your plants are happiest when they are exposed to a consistent climate. Tropical plants thrive at around 28 degrees centigrade during the light period and 15 degrees while dark. As outside temperatures fluctuate, sometimes it is necessary to vary the amount of air extracted from the grow area via your duct fan to maintain the temperature indoors.

The SMSCom Hybrid Controller regulates the amount of air extracted from the grow area by increasing or decreasing the output of in-line duct fans. It requires no wiring or electrical skill to install; intake and outlet duct fans can be plugged directly into the corresponding UK standard 3-pin sockets located on the unit. The temperature probe is then placed near the canopy of your plants, using the 5m cable. Highly accurate data gathered from the probe is processed by the on-board computer and used in the duct fan regulation process.

You’ll need to set the temperature by turning dial 1 to match the desired temps of the room in centigrade. Once this is done, duct fans will run at the minimum speed (which is set using dial 2) until temperatures approach the optimum level. When temperatures are above the level set on dial 1, the SMSCom Hybrid controller will make full use of the extra capacity of the duct fan to ensure that the climate always stays constant. The on-board computer will even manage the intake and outlet fans so that negative pressure is maintained at all times.

The SMSCom Hybrid Controller utilizes a heavyweight relay to regulate the power supply, and you’ll notice a small clicking sound as the unit moves between each of its 5 speeds. This high quality relay ensures that the unit maintains its reliability at all times.

Hybrid Controllers work differently to budget controllers. Cheaper 100% digitally controlled units work by pulsing electricity, effectively switching power ON and OFF constantly, but at different rates, to vary the duct fan output levels. It is this pulsing effect which creates unwanted noise. The controller in the SMSCom Hybrid properly reduces and increases the amps/watts delivered to in-line duct fans. This way, the duct fan is always ON, and power is delivered smoothly, reducing humming and buzzing sounds to zero.

Using the SMSCom 16-Amp Hybrid Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller:

Mount the unit in a safe area. Electrical equipment like this should always be placed well away from reservoirs and water sources. To further reduce risks it should be fixed in a relatively high location, at waist height or above.
The temperature probe should be positioned near the canopy of the grow area. This way, the controller will be taking into account readings that properly represent the conditions plants are exposed to.

Plug your intake and outlet fan into the appropriate sockets on the fan speed controller, before plugging the controller itself into a mains socket and switching on.

Set the temperature dial (dial 1) to your optimum temperature for the ‘lights on’ period. This often tends to be around 28 degrees centigrade, dependent on plant species.

Next, you will need to decide on your minimum setting using dial 2. This will set the lowest speed that the in-line duct fan can run at when temperatures are below those set on dial 1. Pay close attention to this setting. When fan speeds drop too low for prolonged periods, this can cause issues. Air in the growing area should generally be replaced once every two minutes. If air exchange is insufficient, CO2 levels in the room will drop and plants will suffer. At the same time, humidity can rise and odours can start to gather when inadequate levels of air are moved through the carbon filter.

If you wish to adjust fan speeds manually, set the temperature dial to its maximum of 45 degrees by turning it all the way round to the right. This will stop the temperature from playing a role in fan speed levels (as long as the temperature in your grow area is below 45 degrees, which it hopefully should be!). You can then use the minimum setting dial (dial 2) to make direct adjustments in real time.

All SMSCom products come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty starting from the date purchased. The warranty consists of a 1-year direct replacement term and a further 4-year warranty on repairs, which you can take advantage of by visiting the SMSCom website. To receive the full term of your warranty, you must be able to provide proof of purchase.

From September 1st 2016, all products will be supplied with a warranty registration card containing a unique number. To activate your warranty, you'll need to visit and fill in the registration form. If this procedure is not followed, then the date of manufacture becomes the leading date for your warranty.

Max load: 16 Amp or 3600W
Weight: 10.84kg