Silver-White ECO 75mu Sheeting

Silver-White ECO 75mu Sheeting


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Silver-White ECO 75mu Sheeting

Cost-effective sheeting with a reputation for getting the job done

Silver-White ECO sheeting is a cost-effective and yield-increasing type of silver reflective sheeting. Silver-White ECO sheeting is not 100% Light-tight but it does significantly reduce light-leaks and has excellent reflectivity. Silver-White ECO Sheeting is PET coated against corrosion and wear.

  • Excellent reflectivity – Silver layer very efficiently reflects light back into your garden
  • Proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Choose a length to suit your requirements
  • 75 microns thick
  • 1.25 metre width
  • PET coated against corrosion and for durability


Silver-White ECO Sheeting - choose your size

Please note: In order to keep the delivery cost to you down to a minimum, this item may be taken off the roll and loosely folded to fit into our packaging.

How Silver-White ECO Sheeting Works

Silver-White ECO Sheeting is a gloss-white grow-sheet bonded to a yield-increasing, spectrum-enhanced silver layer. The combination of layers gives excellent reflectivity which means that as little light from your grow-lamp as possible is wasted.The silver layer is PET coated to prevent it from corroding and also makes it more durable.

How to use the Silver-White ECO Sheeting

Silver-White ECO sheeting can be hung around your grow-space and indeed anywhere in your grow-room – on walls, even on the ceiling, in fact anywhere that light needs to be reflected back towards the garden.

CAUTION: Silver-White ECO Sheeting contains layers of aluminium and will therefore block or severely inhibit mobile phone, radio and wireless broadband signals from areas covered with this product.